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30 Best Gifts & Toys For 7 Year Old Boys [2019]

30 Best Gifts & Toys For 7 Year Old Boys [2019]

Seven year old boys are some of the hardest to buy for. They’ve outgrown the “kiddie” toys but they aren’t ready for some of the “more advanced” toys. Finding something that they’ll love, that will last through their rough and tough years while being a great value is hard. With so many products to look

Seven year old boys are some of the hardest to buy for. They’ve outgrown the “kiddie” toys but they aren’t ready for some of the “more advanced” toys. Finding something that they’ll love, that will last through their rough and tough years while being a great value is hard. With so many products to look through, how do you know what they’ll like?

Today, we are going to show you 30 of the best toys for 7-year old boys. Our list will go over some of the most popular options, help you narrow down your search, and ultimately make it easy to check off a lot of boxes on your birthday and holiday lists.

Walkie Talkies

NERF N-Strike Elite Rampage

22 channels + 3 mile range: the kids walkie talkies feature an impressive 3 mile range and 22 channels enable long distance play and open a world of possibilities within your child’s outdoor adventures!

There’s something oddly satisfying about being able to communicate with your friends over long distances (i.e. cell phones). But, cell phones are fairly expensive and they aren’t nearly as cool as a pair of long range walkie talkies.

Give your boys some freedom with this pair of 22-channel walkie talkies. With a 3-mile range, they’ll be able to go all over the neighborhood and stay in touch. Plus, you can use them to give them a little more freedom from the house.

The come with an easy-to-read, bright display and even have a built-in flashlight for when they stay out a little too long. With a speaker that actually can be heard, you’ll never have to worry about what they are saying again. Simply push the talk button, say what you need, and wait for their response.

Liberty Imports Sport Boxing Set with Bag and Gloves

Every child gets into scuffles – it just happens. But, have you ever noticed that they like to hit their brother or sister a little too much. If so, this is a great way to let them get their extra energy and/or aggression out in a safer environment.

This height-adjustable boxing set is perfect for kids of all ages. It can adjust between 30 inches to 43 inches, making it great for kids of any size. The weighted base makes sure the boxing bag stays in place and the bag will swivel back and forth as they let loose. This is a great way to increase their daily exercise while giving them an outlet for all of that extra energy.

Plus, it comes with a pair of boxing gloves so their hands don’t get hurt. Watch as your child and their friends take turns showing the bag who the boss REALLY is – we know it’s you.

Toysmith Tech Gear Multi-Voice Changer

The prankster is your home is going to absolutely love this! You know they already try to disguise their voice, now give them the ability to really do it.

The Multi-Voice Changer from Toysmith is capable of changing their voice using 10 different voice modifiers. Special levers all you to adjust the frequency and volume, creating hundreds of different voice options. It even comes with a few flashing LEDs to make it look “cooler”.

For the child who always like to play tricks on the guest or telemarketers, this is the perfect gift. Now, just don’t get tricked when they use it on you.

Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Track Playset

Looking for something a little less aggressive?

Kids love playing with cars. And watching them go BOOM and CRASH is exciting and scream-inducing. There’s something to be said about knocking your opponents on the track when they thought they “had you”.

The Roto Revolution track from Hot Wheels combines the precision of timing and the enjoyment of the crash into one simplified track playset. Sit back, wait for the perfect time, launch your car and try to make it out without being knocked out by your opponent – oh yeah, you have an opponent. They’ll do their best to keep you from making it out alive…

Watch as your kids end up playing for hours trying to prove they are the best driver in the Hot Wheels universe. Make sure you buy them plenty of cars so they can test their skills using big trucks and fast cars.

Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash Track Set

If your children like watching cars crash in cinematic fashion, then the Corkscrew Crash Track Set from Hot Wheels will keep them busy for hours. The design is phenomenal, with multiple motors sending cars flying through multiple loops at speeds almost impossible to see. Add more than one car and watch as they get closer and closer to the eventual BOOM. Can’t wait to see the mayhem – add even more cars! See how many you can get inside the corkscrew before everything goes haywire.

Buy plenty of cars for your children and watch as they unleash mayhem on the living room floor. Watch as they try to figure out how to get five cars in the corkscrew at one time – it’s not possible. See who can come out victorious! Have other Hot Wheels sets, this will incorporate/merge with them seamlessly. Enjoy multiple track sets and see how wild their imagination really is.

Hot Wheels Track Builder Vertical Launch Kit

Another great option for your little speed demon is the Track Builder Vertical Launch Kit from Hot Wheels. Here, they can pick one of two different track layouts from one launcher. All they have to do is adjust the top turn rail to go left or right. If they go to the right, they have a free-fall drop that turns into a vertical corkscrew track. On the left, the track has an extreme drop the goes into two vertical loops for an amazing entry. Both are designed to work with other Hot Wheels kits which makes this a great addition to their other track kits.

It’s huge with a height of four feet, so they’ll have plenty of options to work with. In fact, the launcher can be used on the other kits too if they decide they want to modify their courses. This is a unique way to start their tracks. Most children will not have any trouble using this, though it does state that adult assembly is required. It does not require any batteries as all the power is provided by a quick push on a launch lever.

Hot Wheels Super 6-Lane Raceway

If your kid loves Hot Wheels, then they probably already have several cars. In fact, they probably have at least ten different cars. When everyone comes over, they end up “racing” them to see who can get the furthest or get the wall the fastest. While this is cool, it can leave your walls and baseboards dinged up. Instead of fixing your baseboards, get them the Super 6-Lane Raceway from Hotwheels.

It’s a huge 8-foot track that actually tells them who wins. They can line up six cars side by side and press the release button – that’s when the action starts. The cars hurtle down the track at blistering speeds, with the victor crossing the finish line first. Plus, there will never be a question of who won with the digital finish line (requires batteries; not included). When they are done, the track folds up nicely and can fit easily in the side of a closet or under the bed; even better, it rolls around so you don’t have to deal with scratch marks on your hardwood floors either.

Traxxas Stampede 1/10 2WD Monster Truck

While Hot Wheels can be hours of entertainment, there is something about larger vehicles that boys love. If they want something a little bigger, with a little more speed, and a lot more control, then they’ll love the Traxxas Stampede 2WD Monster Truck.

Traxxas builds some of the most advanced remote-controlled (RC) vehicles around. More importantly, they build some of the most durable RC vehicles too. The Stampede is an electronic (batteries required; charger required) remote-controlled vehicle that is waterproof and weatherproof for hours of fun in any environment. The large 2.8” wheels with foam inserts help it to climb over all kinds of obstacles. The 12-Turn 550 motor will give it more than enough speed to please any 7-year old and the remote control is easy to learn.

When they seem bored with their Hot Wheels car, this is the next step up. Remember, BIG boys love BIG toys!

HedBanz Board/Family Game

HedBanz Board/Family Game

Fun family guessing game: Hedbanz is the fast-paced, easy to play question game of “what Am I?” ask “yes” or “no” questions before time runs out to figure out if the cartoon card on your headband is an animal, Food or object. Earn 3 scoring badges to win!

This is more than just a “for boys” toy/gift – this is a family fun game that can elicit some absolutely hysterical responses and get a few snortles out of your family. The gist is simple – put on a headband, put a card on the top, try to figure out what you are asking only yes or no questions.

Your children will love it, your family will love it – it works for all occasions (save a funeral). There are multiple ways to play it with all-out bouts, head-to-head, and even one at a time. Trust us, you’ll love the one at a time feature. Kids will easily be able to guess what they “are” as the items aren’t difficult. Created for ages from 5+, this is a game that you’ll want to get your little one.

Plus, if you have a lot of family night events, this will be a game-favorite!

Connect4 Game from Hasbro Gaming

Looking for more games for those rainy day blues? Maybe you just want another option for the family fun nights. Then the Connect4 Game from Hasbro Gaming is perfect. This game has been around for decades, adding excitement to bland days.

The premise is super simple, line up four of your colored dots in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, all while trying to keep your opponent from doing the same. Watch out though – they can sneak in a seal the win even while you are looking. It’s a game of skill, luck, and a ton of fun! Your kids will easily get entangled in multiple games, trying to one-up their siblings and friends.

If you have a family fun night, you can do this in teams, one-on-one tournaments, or a bevy of other styles – it’s up to you. Just remember, it’s only a game… or is it?

Razor A2 Kick Scooter


Razor A2 Kick Scooter

  • Original kick scooter made of sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum with Blue S
  • Patented t-tube and deck design folds conveniently for transport
  • 98 mm inline-style urethane wheels with spring less shock system

If your kid has friends, and we know they do, they’ve seen a few Razors already. They’ve probably asked you for one already too. Now, it’s time for you to get them one!

These scooters are great for riding around the neighborhoods, doing tricks at the local park, and even going “pro” – yes, this is a thing. The A2 Kick Scooter is designed for tricks, with the special wheelie-bar and lightweight frame, it can handle a lot more abuse than a standard scooter while giving them the ability to stand out.

The A2 Kick Scooter from Razor comes in one of six color options:

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Pink
  4. Green
  5. Purple
  6. Red

Pick out their favorite color and give them the freedom they crave! Sure, it’s just the neighborhood but they’ll feel like the king of the world. These scooters are great for years of fun, especially if they aren’t stored outside when not in use. In fact, they even come with a six-month warranty from manufacturer defects so you can relax a little if they jump/wreck it a little bit.

Mongoose Expo Scooter


Mongoose Expo Scooter

  • 12 inches Air tires Perform well when riding on paved and unpaved surfaces
  • Wide Foot deck for balance and stability while coasting
  • Caliper hand brake offer confident speed Control

If the last scooter didn’t impress you much, this one will! Mongoose is well known in the “aggressive” market for bikes and scooters. As you can see, this isn’t your normal scooter … it’s a scooter on steroids!

Designed as a crossbreed between a scooter and a bike, your child will be able to go anywhere and still look cool doing it. Maybe they don’t enjoy a bike or they just want a scooter with a little more terrain options, this is the scooter for them. Equipped with 12” wheels, they’ll be able to tackle any rock (including potholes) as well as dirt and rocks. Take it to the skate park and do stunts that others can’t because their wheels and clearance won’t let them.

With an extra-wide deck, they’ll have plenty of space for their growing feet. It comes with handle brakes to help keep everything in check and stop them in the event they get a little “too fast”. It even comes with BMX-styled pegs so they can do a few tricks. If your kids like the biggest and baddest on the market, this is definitely it – the Mongoose Expo Scooter will make them the envy of all of their friends.

Dynacraft Magna Throttle BMX Street/Dirt Bike

And for the kids that just want a bike, this BMX Street/Dirt Bike from Dynacraft is sure to make them feel BIG. It’s almost a “right of passage” for your children to ride a bicycle. However, don’t just get them a “ho-hum” bike – get them one that designed for abuse.

BMX-style bicycles are designed for heavy-duty use, which means they are great for learning. If your child is new to bicycles, this one can take the occasional drop or run-in with a tree. It’s equipped with 20-inch wheels that’ll make mince-meat out of most terrains while still giving them the ability to do jumps and tricks with ease.

The frame and fork are guaranteed for life so let them push the limits with a BMX street/dirt bike that can take it. This is the perfect gift for children between the ages of 6 to 10 (under 105 pounds).

KAS Kids Army Camouflage Combat Vest

While imagining that you are in the army is one thing, it’s another to dress up like one. Give your child the chance to look like a “bad boy” with their own camouflage combat vest from KAS. It is made from durable 600 PVC which should withstand consistent abuse (i.e. trees, bushes, mud, dirt, mock-fights).

It comes with plenty of pockets for your kids to put their “orders” and walkie-talkies in. The camo pattern looks authentic and they’ll instantly become an army brat in just a moment. Have a rich tradition of previous war veterans – let them talk about their previous battles and fall in love with the idea of serving their country too.

Made to fit children between the ages of 5 to 13, this will easily become one of the best gifts your child receives this year.

Adventure Parks 35-Foot Zip Line Fun


Adventure Parks 35-Foot Zip Line Fun

  • Weight Limit: 125 lbs
  • Advanced Polymer Yellow Trolley with easy to grip handles
  • Fully enclosed trolley and drop-style handles mean no lost fingers

Adding to the excitement of the camouflage vest, give them the ability to fly between/over obstacles with a zip line that can span your whole yard.

Zip lines are extremely fun, giving your child a different vantage point and letting them and their friends try out new tricks. Plus, it will help them develop more arm/grip strength which can help them later in P.E. class (i.e. rope climbing, monkey bars). Of course, this is for them to enjoy – not get stronger.

The 35-foot cord gives you more than enough space to work with. It is rated to hold any child up to 125 pounds. For safety, the trolley system is fully enclosed so you don’t have to worry about them losing any fingers. The cable is designed to last for years and does not use any metal-to-metal connections to resist premature wear.

Ninja Obstacle Course Line Kit


Ninja Obstacle Course Line Kit

40 Feet SLACKLINE, Twin gear RATCHET, TREE PROTECTORS worth $15, 8 OBSTACLES includes 4 Gymnastic rings, 2 Fist holds, 2 Monkey bars with 13 Safety strap buckles and delta rings, Non-Woven CARRY BAG, Instruction manual, Gift box. Phew!

Want to up the intensity even more? Let them act like ninjas. The American Ninja Warrior craze has taken over TV airtime unlike any other show on right now. As such, your kids probably love watching them jump, climb, run, and swim through obstacles at impossible speeds.

Now you can convert your backyard into an obstacle course too. The kit comes with a 40-foot slackline where you can attach multiple obstacles for a unique, challenging course in just a few seconds. Want to change out the grips/handles? No problem, just unhook the carabiner and switch out the grips. You have ball grips, loop grips, handle grips, and more to work with. Mixed in with a few heavy balls, a dirt pit, a zip line, and you’ve got a course worthy of champions.

Watch as all your kids find ways to challenge each other in a fun and safe environment. Your backyard will never be the same, but the memories your children make with never be forgotten either.

Slackers Ninja Climbing Line with Cargo Net

No ninja obstacle course would be complete without a climbing net. They always keep these near the finish to make the course a little more challenging and now you can too.

This cargo net comes in a 30-foot variation and a 50-foot variation; both are TONS of fun. The top line is 6-foot wide and comes with a ratchet connector to ensure a strong and secure connection for hours of fun. The kit even comes with more grips, ropes, and handles to add even more complexity to your obstacle course.

The cargo net can hold children up to 250 pounds without getting bound up and it’s designed with soft nylon ropes to help prevent rope burns. It comes with a portable bag to make it easy to store or transport. When you go to the park, you can set it up between trees and watch as the whole park wants to jump in with your kids.

Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar

Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar

Digital counting coin bank, ABS material, harder to break than glass or ceramic money boxes.Clear LCD screen helps count your coins, accurate displaying the total for every deposit.Powered by 2*AAA battery (not included).

It can be hard to get your kids to save, but things might be changing (pun intended). When they find a few pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters on the ground, they can put them in their own “piggy bank” where it will keep a total of how much they’ve put in.

  • Money from the tooth fairy – into the jar!
  • Money from doing chores – into the jar!
  • Money from the couch cushions – into the jar!

Watch as they look for reasons to make a little extra change. Now, they won’t be looking for a way to spend their change, they’ll be looking to see how much they can make. This digital counting money jar can hold around 800+ coins and will track how much they’ve put into it. It does require 2 “AAA” batteries (not included) so don’t forget to grab a pack or two of “AAA” batteries and pack them with it.

Trying to convince your children that saving is fun (or worth it) can be hard. With the Lefree Digital Counting Money Jar, you might not even have to bring it up again. Just show them what happens when they put the money in and let them do the rest!

Wham-O Hamper Hoops

Wham-O Hamper Hoops

  • Hamper Hoops by Wham-O is a 2-in-1 over-the-door basketball hoop with detachable laundry bag
  • Turn chores in a game and put an end to cluttered floors and missy piles of clothes
  • Unzip the bag’s bottom zipper to empty your laundry right into your basket

Parents will love this almost as much as their children will. You know how hard it is to get your kids to put their clothes in the hamper. The problem is simple – you’re not giving them anything in return for their “sacrifice”. With the Wham-O Hamper Hoops, you’re giving them a little bit of a challenge.

We all know boys have a “competitive” gene built into them. They can’t stand the idea that someone is better than them at something. So, get them this and challenge them to a friendly game of basketball. Once they figure out that a little practice will make them the champ, they’ll be throwing clothes from all over the room – and you’ll be able to remove the clothes when they are ready.

Get ready for a few slam dunks as your kids finally have a clean room … at least dirty socks and underwear. This is a great two-for-one option – the parents win and the children don’t act like they are dying from having to “clean” their dirty clothes any more.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball


SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball

With included door mounts, and all tools necessary this indoor mini basketball hoop is easy to set up for mobile use. The heavy duty, 8 loop net will last game after game, giving you the swish you want

For the boys that just won’t play “clothes basketball”, give them the real thing – in miniature form. Maybe there isn’t enough room outside for a full-size basketball goal. Maybe they just can’t get enough basketball when the weather is bleak outside. Whatever the reason, they’ll love the SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop with Ball.

The backboard is shatter resistant and slips over most doors with two sturdy hooks. The rim even has a breakaway feature to avoid breaking when your guys get a little rough with a dunk or two to secure their points. Even though it is miniaturized, they won’t feel like they got the “short end of the stick” as this is not a small basketball goal. The basketball is 5.5 inches in diameter and the backboard is almost 2 feet wide.

If your children like basketball, or need something to do inside when the weather is uncooperative, this Mini Basketball Hoop from SKLZ is perfect!

K’NEX 35 Model Building Set


K’NEX 35 Model Building Set

This building set comes with 480 classic K’NEX parts and pieces. It includes rods and connectors that are attached to one another in different ways, allowing kids to unleash their creativity and skills in designing a variety of shapes, figures, and models. The snap-fit pieces stick together securely and can be easily reassembled into other creations.

Have you got a mini-Einstein in the family? Everywhere you look, they are inventing something. They take stuff from your overflow drawers, out of the trash, or from the yard (wherever they can find materials) and they create unique creations that only a parent could love?

If so, they will love K’NEX! This is an upgraded version of Lego’s that give your children more options when it comes to building, design, and architecture. K’NEX is a unique product because it can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

This is a good start to see if your child will enjoy K’NEX without getting too expensive. It gives them the ability to create planes, cars, trucks, rocket ships, robots, dinosaurs, and plenty of other ideas. In fact, it will give them just enough that they can start creating their own unique toys using the other plans as basic blueprints.

And the best part – if they love K’NEX, you can buy other sets that just add to the overall part count. This kit comes with 480 parts, but there are other kits on the market that come with 15,000+ parts. This is a great, inexpensive option that your child will love!

K’NEX Thrill Rides 3-In-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set


K’NEX Thrill Rides 3-In-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set

Operate an amusement park right in your home as you build thrilling rides with K’NEX 3-in-1 Classic Amusement Park Building Set. This building set consists of colorful parts and pieces that allow you and your children to create 3 different models, one at a time.

If your kid already has K’NEX, then they’ll love this next kit. Here, they get a chance to build three different amusement park rides from that are MOTORIZED! They can build a wild-swing kit, an over-the-top boom ride, or a casual Ferris wheel. All three are powered and can give your child hours of enjoyment, plus they’ll be able to create all kinds of unique creations with the 744 piece kit. Once they’ve mastered all three kits, they’ll want to make their own rides – and they can! K’NEX are designed to work seamlessly with all of their other kits so they’ll just be adding to their collection when you buy this 3-in-1 kit.

The motor is battery powered so you will need to buy batteries (not included). Watch as your child creates their own personal amusement park. In fact, buy them a couple of these and they can literally run their own park.

K’NEX Roller Coaster Building Set

K’NEX Roller Coaster Building Set

This K’NEX Education set includes 546 parts, plus a battery-powered motor, for a single child or a team of two to three children building a working roller coaster.

Going above and beyond, this next kit will make your amusement park GREAT! This roller coaster kit is huge with 546 pieces to work with. It comes with a motor to make it run for hours of endless fun (until the batteries run out; not included). The kit comes with instructions to make up to three different variations: roller coaster, halfpipe, and ramp. Of course, the roller coaster will be the biggest and most enjoyable, teaching them how physics works while giving them a chance to explore.

This is actually part of the STEM Explorations learning experience so they’ll be learning while they get a chance to play. In fact, they can build this with up to three other children making it even more interactive. Watch as they figure out how to keep the roller coaster moving when the ramps are a little too steep.

K’NEX Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set


K’NEX Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set

The K’NEX Web Weaver Roller Coaster Building Set contains over 430 brightly colored parts and pieces. The rods and connectors can be easily joined up for a coaster that stands 2.5 feet high.

If you really want to watch their eyes light up, this glow-in-the-dark set is sure to do it. It comes with 439 pieces and it has a thrill-ride/theme that is perfect for the night and/or Halloween season.

The cart itself is air-powered (batteries required; not included) so it can do tricks that other K’NEX coasters can’t. Plus, it is motorized too (batteries required; not included) so you can create some unique, one-off designs. It comes with plans for multiple configurations with some going up/down and some going left/right.

K’NEX has an awesome parts guarantee/warranty; if you lose the part, just contact them and they’ll ship out a new part. Now, you can add parts and parts and parts and create some of the most unique, creative amusement park rides for hours and hours of fun. Any 7-year old boy would love to have a MASSIVE collection of K’NEX parts.

Buy all of these kits and they’ll be busy for months, possibly even years (adults play with K’NEX too)!

Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes

Do you have a jumper or stomper in the family? You know what we are talking about … they run around the house making as much noise as possible; they jump, they stomp, they break stuff! If so, they’ll absolutely love these rockets.

Let them jump and stomp as much as they want. These rockets are powered by your over-energized kids. They don’t require any batteries and all they need is a little open space (i.e. outside in the yard). It comes with three different rockets, a launching base, and a stomper that send them into orbit. The looping rocket does acrobatic stunts and huge loops that are sure to amaze them. The glider can reach heights up to 100 feet, making the trees look small. And the wildcat is WILD; you never know where it is going!

If you have a yard, these are great to keep your kids busy for hours. If you have a lot of kids over, you should probably grab a few of these so they can compete for the best heights and wildest loops!

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Building Kit


LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box Building Kit

Kids will spend hours engaging in pretend play with this medium-sized building kit. This build your own play toy allows kids to create toy trains or tiger figurines with this classic collection of LEGO bricks in 35 different colors

LEGO building kits are some of the most popular toys for boys. However, there are times when they want to think outside of the box and they need more LEGO bricks. If they don’t have enough LEGOs, then you can get them this 484 piece building kit that gives them everything they need to be ultra-creative.

It comes with windows, eyes, tires, rims, and classic bricks so they can create whatever they desire. Since there are so many pieces, you (or their friends) can build side-by-side and enjoy hours of creativity and laughs.

LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box Building Kit


LEGO Classic Large Creative Brick Box Building Kit

Engage your kids in pretend play by letting them build their own play toys, such as creating a toy house or toy scooter. This classic creative kit of LEGO bricks comes with 33 different colored bricks

If 484 pieces were not enough, then maybe this 790 piece building kit will be. It comes with baseplates, windows, doors, tires, wheels, rims, classic bricks and other unique items to expand their options.

Instead of buying a ton of kits, just buy them a TON of bricks and let them make their own unique creations. That’s the beauty of LEGOs; you can build whatever you want as long as you have enough pieces.

LEGO Speed Champions Porsche 911 RSR And 911 Turbo 3.0 Building Kit

Posters are so last century! While it’s cool to have posters of some of your favorite cars on the wall, wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you could build them instead? LEGO knows how popular the Porsche 911 RSR and 911 Turbo 3.0 are and now your child can build one themselves.

Once they’ve built their speed demons, they can race them side by side. Now, you can get down on the floor with them and have high-speed races where they always manage the “just barely win”. Besides the cars, you get mini-figures, a manual lap counter, and instructions to make these LEGO creations come to life.

If your child loves exotic cars, they’ll love this kit from LEGO. And if they decide they don’t like playing with one of these two cars, they can create their own creations with over 390 pieces. Even better, these lego pieces will work with all of the other LEGO kits so they can expand their collection as desired.

LEGO Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Building Kit

If you want something a little more advanced, then the Corvette ZR1 Building Kit from LEGO Technic is perfect! In fact, you can build a ZR1 or a Rat Rod/Hot Rod from the building kit. It comes with 579 pieces and the finished product is an absolute work of art.

While an adult might set it on the fireplace mantle for everyone to view, it looks even better rolling around on the floor. This kit will keep your child busy for hours putting it together and even more hours as they show it off and play with it. When they finish, they can create a rat rod/hot rod for even more fun.

LEGO Technic BASH! Building Kit

LEGO Technic BASH! Building Kit

Build a fast car with a powerful pull-back motor, sturdy front bumper, large rear spoiler, wide black rims with low profile tires and an engine that pops out on impact

Finishing out our list is one more Technic kit. This time, you get to create an over-the-top that can take off on a whim with a specialized gear/motor that slings the car forward when you pull it back. The oversized wheels are designed to climb over most obstacles and the brute-force frontend is designed to take impacts and make them non-existent.

For a 7-year old boy, what else could you ask for?

Things You Should Consider When Buying Toys For 7-Year Old Boys

If you are trying to figure out what is best for your 7-year old boy, then you need to focus in on three things.

What Are They Interested In?

Every child is different! And while one might enjoy rough and tough adventures, another may enjoy the safety of the living room floor. If they don’t act rough and tough, you probably shouldn’t get them a ninja obstacle course.

What Is Their Learning Style?

Some children learn by doing while others learn by watching. Pay attention to this and make sure that you buy toys that help them learn while still giving them hours of enjoyment. If they can’t figure it out, they’ll leave it off to the side – not what you want.

What Is Their Personality?

If your child loves to play with others, don’t buy him a gift that can be enjoyed by one – buy him a gift that can be enjoyed by several kids. NERF guns and obstacle courses are great for outgoing children. K’NEX and LEGOs are great for non-outgoing children. Buy for what they are, not for what you want them to be.

Wrap Up

As you can see, there are plenty of toys and gifts for 7-year old boys. Almost any gift on this list is going to buy a WIN for you (and them). Of course, use the buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision and you’ll never regret what you spent on them.

We hope you found several gifts for your 7-year old boy – we know we would love these toys and we aren’t 7 years old!

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