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5 Step Winning Formula For Your Next Online Ad

5 Step Winning Formula For Your Next Online Ad

When it comes to structuring online ads for your business, there are many tactics you can employ. Below I am going to share with you one particular formula that I use for both my own business and my clients businesses to get some great results! Follow the 5 step formulabelow and I am confident your

When it comes to structuring online ads for your business, there are many tactics you can employ. Below I am going to share with you one particular formula that I use for both my own business and my clients businesses to get some great results! Follow the 5 step formula
below and I am confident your ad will have a great chance of being successful.

Step 1 – Agitate The Problem of Your Audience

In your opening sentence you want to immediately capture your audience’s attention with a good hook. The key here is making the reader feel that ‘you understand them like a book’ and by agitating the problem they are experiencing, they are very likely to feel just like that.

Step 2 – Justify Why They Have The Issue

In this step you want to address issues like why hasn’t this problem been solved yet? Why does it persist? The important thing to get across here is making the reader feel like it is not their fault. Who has failed to solve the problem?

Step 3 – Determine What Is Possible

Here is where you want to use possibility thinking so the customer can see themselves in a better position. For example if you are a chiropractor you might say ‘’You’ll be able to enjoy time playing sports with your children again, now that you are pain free’’.

Step 4 – What Is Different About Your Product?

This is the part where you set out your USP. What makes you different? Explain why their experience with you will be different and how it will solve their problem. Don’t be afraid to add credibility here by using any influential / famous clients you may have or perhaps by
mentioning stats of the results you have obtained.

Step 5 – Call to Action

This is the most important step of them all, getting the user to take action! Whether that be to send you a message or submit a lead form, this is where you need to ask the person to take that desired action.

BONUS TIP 1: Test the Creative; Copy

You have now written out your ad to this new formula which is great, so what’s next? Before throwing all of your eggs into one basket (ad), I recommend testing some variables so you can ensure you are getting the best results. Here is one way you can do this. First create 3 separate ads, each with the same copy (text) but a different creative (image/video).
Run these ads for 3 days and at the end take note of the best performing creative.

Once you know which is the best performing ad of the 3, set this ad to run for another 3 days and deactivate the other 2. You will now want to create 2 additional ads – each using the best performing creative from your first test but this time with different copy in each of the 2
new ads. Set these new ads to run for 3 days alongside your initial winning ad.

For the next3 days you will have a total of 3 ads running – all 3 with the same creative, but different copy. At the end of these 3 days you are then going to know what is the best performing copy to go with your best performing creative. Armed with this intelligence, run your ad
accordingly and allocate your full budget to the winning ad!

BONUS TIP 2: Keep Monitoring Your Ad

Don’t forget to monitor the ad regularly either daily or every few days. You’ll want to ensure your ad performance remains good. Don’t expect your ad to perform great every day for example you might get 10 sales on Thursday and none on Friday, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a better day on Saturday.

However if you find that the ad is consistently losing for more than 3-5 days, it’s probably time to make a change or kill the ad.

I hope these strategies create success for you, as they have done for me. I’m rooting for you.

By MARTIN EASTWOOD who is an Entrepreneur, TV & Social Media Personality & Public Speaker. His company Wide Variety manage the online marketing of businesses across Ireland and abroad. You can connect with Martin on the social media links below.

Twitter: twitter.com/martineastwood1
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/martineastwoodentrepreneur
Facebook: facebook.com/OfficialMartinEastwood/
Instagram: instagram.com/martineastwood1/
TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@martineastwood1

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