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  • India’s Modi stuns opposition with huge election win

    India’s Modi stuns opposition with huge election win0

    NEW DELHI/AYODHYA (Reuters) – Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi scored a dramatic election victory on Thursday, putting his Hindu nationalist party on course to increase its majority on a mandate of business-friendly policies and a tough stand on national security. His re-election reinforces a global trend of right-wing populists sweeping to victory, from the United

  • Panic unveils Playdate handheld console

    Panic unveils Playdate handheld console0

    Panic, best known for its range of developer-focused applications and its work on the story-driven walking simulator Firewatch, has announced it is getting into the console business with a novel hand-held dubbed the Playdate. ‘For over 20 years Panic has mostly made Mac and iOS software. Twenty years is a long time, and we wanted