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Best Tactical Flashlight [2019] | Coolest Gadgets

Best Tactical Flashlight [2019] | Coolest Gadgets

Best Overall: Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 Tactical FlashlightWhen you want an easy to hold, strong, durable, bright tactical flashlight, you have to trust the Streamlight 88040 ProTac. With 750 lumens of light, it’s bound to light up whatever is sneaking up on you. It’s three light modes are high (880 feet range), low (190

Best Overall: Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 Tactical Flashlight
When you want an easy to hold, strong, durable, bright tactical flashlight, you have to trust the Streamlight 88040 ProTac. With 750 lumens of light, it’s bound to light up whatever is sneaking up on you. It’s three light modes are high (880 feet range), low (190 feet range) and strobe (for self-defense). Adding to this it comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating and it’s overall build quality is more than enough for what the average user might want to do with it. Bonus: It comes with a nylon holster AND batteries.

Budget Pick: Solaray ZX-2 Super Bright Handheld LED Tactical Flashlight
In case you are on a budget but still want a trustworthy tactical flashlight, you go with Solaray. The ZX-2 is more than bright enough, with the features you want, without the price tag to go with it. The manufacturer claims it has 1200 lumens and a range of 700 feet. Light modes are high, low, self-defense strobe and SOS strobe.

Extreme Brightness: EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight
For someone looking to light up the night sky, the EASTSHINE will easily do it. With 1000 lumens of output, you could probably catch the attention of a few passing by aliens (if they existed). Even though there are flashlights on our list that claim to have more lumens, none of those will beat the up to 1050 feet range the Eastshine offers.


EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight

  • 1000 Lumens Of Output
  • Lighting Range Of Over 1000 Feet
  • Dual Lighting Modes With Tactical Mode And Operational Mode

How We Picked

Honestly, everyone should have a tactical flashlight in their bag, in their vehicle, and/or on their person. Now, if you have been looking at tactical flashlights, then you have inevitably seen the massive amount of products to choose from – it is staggering!

Knowing which tactical flashlight to buy can be extremely difficult when every marketing department is tasked with making sure that you buy their product. That is why you need to know what to look for when buying a tactical flashlight. To help you, we have included a buyer’s guide that goes over all of the important features and/or functions to look for in your flashlight. Equipped with this information, you should easily be able to narrow down your search results. Of course, we have actually put together a list of tactical flashlights that we feel will meet your needs sufficiently.

After looking over hundreds of options, we have narrowed down the list to ten. Each one of these flashlights is more than powerful, blasting out well over 300 lumens of light while being easy to use and carry. The point of a tactical flashlight is to provide extra support in the event of an emergency; every one of these on our list does that.

#1 J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight

J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight


  • Lumen Output: 300 Lumens
  • Light Range: Up To 600 Feet
  • Power Source: 1 x AA

Whether for an emergency at home or while out in the wilderness, the J5 Tactical V1-PRO is the flashlight for you. A high-quality build, exceptional brightness, wonderful features, and usability makes this flashlight a great tool to help you get going. No matter if you are left in the dark or just need to shine a little light on a problem, the J5 Tactical V1-PRO makes sure everything around you is visible.

J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight in hand

The flashlight is compact and lightweight, weighing in at a mere 2.88 ounces; you will not get tired of holding this flashlight. While it has a sturdy build, its size is conveniently perfect at 4 inches and 4.25 inches when using the neat zoom feature. It is small enough to carry in your pocket or bag without any hassle. This flashlight is simple to operate having a power button on the bottom which is also used for changing modes. The button is large enough to find in a cinch for those times you are in a pinch. The belt clip adds an extra level of perfection to the package. The belt clip allows you to keep your flashlight handy so you have easy access to it when needed. The super lightweight and portable aspects of the J5 Tactical V1-PRO make it a much better flashlight than traditional flashlights on the market.

J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight shining light on a tree

While small, the J5 Tactical V1-PRO can light up distances of up to 600 feet away. It is far brighter than traditional flashlights and the zoom feature allows you to see everything around you easily. You get three light mode options to choose from: high, low, or strobe. To activate this, you simply half-press the button on the bottom to switch between modes.

J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight close up

It is built to handle everything from water, falls, freezing temperatures and even drops from up to 9 foot. It can easily withstand what a human or even an animal can throw at it. The battery will last four hours on a single charge and changing the battery takes less than a minute.

J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight size comparison

What We Like

The powerful light and zoom make this flashlight stand out in a crowd. The zoom feature allows you to focus in on what’s in front of you. From a wide beam to a narrow spot in the trees, you’ll always be able to find what you want.


The J5 Tactical V1-PRO Flashlight may be small, but that doesn’t mean it’s powerful. Brighter than other flashlights in its class, it can also handle brutal elements such as torrents of water and freezing temperatures.

#2 Solaray ZX-2 Super Bright Handheld LED Tactical Flashlight

Solaray ZX-2 Super Bright Handheld LED Tactical Flashlight


  • Lumen Output: 1200 Lumens
  • Light Range: Up To 700 Feet
  • Power Source: 1 x 18650 Lithium-Ion or 1 x AAA

The Solaray ZX-2 is one of the most trusted, durable, and high-quality flashlights on the market today. Police departments, fire departments, military divisions all trust Solaray to light up the night. And for the price, who can argue with it.

It looks a little odd in design because the handle is so small when compared to the size of the flashlight itself. But honestly, this makes it a little easier to hold. It is 5.2 inches in length, but small enough to fit into a pocket. It does not weigh much, coming in at only 5.6 ounces. And yet, it puts out a lot of light for such a small tactical flashlight.

It is built to last, with a strong and durable body made from aircraft-grade aluminum. No matter what happens, it might end up with a few scratches but it will not break. It has five lighting modes they give you plenty of options to work with; they are: high, medium, low, tactical intruder strobe, and SOS emergency strobe. With a maximum output of 1200 lumens, you can literally turn night into day.

Solaray ZX-2 close up of lens

What We Like

One feature that really separates the ZX-2 apart is its built-in memory mode. Most flashlights have to be cycled through to the previously selected lighting mode. That is not the case with this one as it will remember the last option selected and will revert back to that when turned on. This means that you could leave it in strobe mode for those moments when an attacker could be threatening you – that is convenient.


If you want one of the brightest and most trusted tactical flashlights on the market today, then you cannot ignore the Solaray ZX-2. Even though it is shaped odd in comparison to some other tactical flashlights, it far exceeds the abilities of those in the same price range.

#3 Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 Tactical Flashlight

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 Tactical Flashlight


  • Lumen Output: 750 Lumens
  • Light Range: Up To 885 Feet
  • Power Source: 2 x 3V CR123A Lithium

For a top of the line survival flashlight, it is hard to do much better than the Streamlight 88040 ProTac. It is simple, durable, and straight to the point. It has everything you need in a flashlight. With three lighting modes, a high-quality and durable design, and a reach that makes everything around you visible, this flashlight will make it easier to see what goes “bump in the night”.

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 side

The solid black, traditional appearance of the Streamlight 88040 ProTac gives it a very sleek look. It is slim and small, coming in at only 5.40 inches, so it fits perfectly in your hand, pocket, or bag; you can take it with you anywhere. Using this flashlight is a breeze thanks to the button on the bottom, which allows you to switch through all the modes and/or turning it on and off.

The three lighting modes are high, low, and strobe.

  1. High: 18,300 candela peak beam intensity; 880 feet beam distance; runs 1.25 hours
  2. Low: 35 lumens; 900 candela peak beam intensity; 190 feet beam distance; runs 18 hours
  3. Strobe: for disorienting or signaling: runs 2.5 hours

To change the mode, simply press the button on the button quickly and it will switch from one mode to the next.

Streamlight 88040 ProTac HL 750 in hand

Three modes are available, high, low, and strobe. Switch between each mode using the button on the bottom. Programming options will give you greater control over this. The LED technology in the ProTac puts out a blistering 750 lumens of light that is sure to blind anyone. Not only will you see what is around you, but it’ll almost look like daylight. The frame is built to absorb all types of bumps and drops, so it’ll be alright if you let it slip on a hiking trip.

What We Like

With 750 lumens, you can change the night into day. The light is absolutely blinding, which is perfect for keeping attackers at bay. With the included strobing option, you could easily disorient anyone with nefarious intentions. Another great feature is the durability of the frame. It is built to be submerged, frozen, beaten, and more without losing light. The IPX7 rating should allow it to be waterproof down to 1 meter for 30 minutes.


If you want to be sure of what’s around you, then you need the Streamlight 88040 ProTac. With 750 lumens of light, you won’t be guessing at what’s in front of you. For those moments when you need to stop a bear or a person, hit the strobe and watch them wince in pain (or run away; preferred). For someone looking for a true EDC flashlight, this is the best option around.

#4 Helotex G2 CREE LED EDC Tactical Flashlight

Helotex G2 CREE LED EDC Tactical Flashlight


  • Lumen Output: 130 Lumens
  • Light Range: Up To 100 Feet
  • Power Source: 1 x AA or 1 x CR123

Bigger is not always better, and the Helotex G2 CREE proves that. Being tiny in size, but big in usability, this flashlight can make life/navigation easier. While not as high powered as many other flashlights on the market, it is sufficiently strong for the nighttime and it is extremely portable – now you don’t have a reason to leave without a flashlight.

Helotex G2 side

Again, the Helotex G2 CREE is tiny. In fact, with the included CR123 battery, it comes in at 3.6 inches. If you decide to use a traditional AA battery, that goes up to 4.2 inches. Either way, it is so small you can keep it in a pocket or hold it in your hand with little to no discomfort. Design-wise, the body looks like a traditional flashlight, just minified. To make it even easier to carry, it also comes with a clip on the side for attaching to pockets, belts, or other items. And you’ll hardly even notice it with a weight of 2.4 ounces.

Parts of the Helotex G2 Tactical Flashlight

This flashlight has a maximum output of 130 lumens when using a CR123 battery and 120 lumens when using an AA battery. While it’s not as bright as most of the others on our list, it can still blind an attacker during a night situation. It comes with three lighting modes: low, high, and strobe. The durable build can withstand plenty of abuse from drops, bumps, and even the weather.

Helotex G2 Logo

What We Like

This is one of the smallest tactical flashlights we have seen yet. If you need something that can hide anywhere, without weighing you down, the Helotex G2 is perfect. The built-in clip makes it a perfect accessory no matter what you are wearing.


Do not let the size full you, this is a powerful tactical flashlight. Even though the Helotex G2 seems underpowered, it really is not. For night navigation, anything over 100 lm is more than acceptable. With a light range of up to 100 feet, you will never get caught off guard by something jumping out of the woods.

#5 Outlite A100 Tactical Flashlight

Outlite A100 Tactical Flashlight


  • Lumen Output: 600 Lumens
  • Light Range: Up To 600 Feet
  • Power Source: Lithium-Ion or 3 “AAA”

See the world around you easier than ever before with the Outlite A100. With five modes of lighting, exceptional brightness, multiple power options, and more features than comparable flashlights, it’s an EDC dream. Whether at home, in the car, or on an adventure, you’ll have plenty of lighting to lead you.

Outlite A100 Tactical Flashlight unboxed

With a simple, sleek, black design, the Outlite A100 is easy to appreciate. The top half is smooth and rounded while the bottom is designed with high-grip knurling. It is easy to hold being only 5.35 inches in length (retracted) and 6.22 inches in length (zoomed out). The knurling makes it easy to keep it in your hands, no matter what the situation (wet hands, using it as a weapon, etc). It will easily fit in your pocket, a purse, or a travel bag without weighing you down as it is only 5.3 ounces.

Outlite A100 Tactical Flashlight measurements

And even though it is so compact, it comes loaded. Of course, it comes equipped with a 600 lumen LED for extreme visibility. But, it also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with an included charger. If you are in a pinch for power, you could throw in 3 “AAA” batteries and be on your way. To make sure you see everything, the adjustable zoom allows you to reach all the way up to 600 feet away, making everything in range visible.

Outlite A100 Tactical Flashlight box

What We Like

Everyone likes to be able to press buttons. Well, with the Outlite A100, you’ll get to press the buttons as many times as you want with five lighting modes: high, medium, low, spotlight, and circle floodlight.


While the Outlite A100 does not offer a strobing feature, the 600-lumen output should easily stop anyone advancing on you. Of course, it’s also built to fit into just about any container so you should never leave home without it. The dual-power option really makes this a good all-in-one flashlight that should not be overlooked.

#6 ThruNite Ti4 CW Compact LED Penlight

ThruNite Ti4 CW Compact LED Penlight


  • Lumen Output: 252 Lumens
  • Light Range: Up To 25 Feet
  • Power Source: 2 x AAA

Whether on an adventure or in a work field that requires high-quality, portable lighting, the ThruNite Ti4 CW is going to be your new best friend. It is compact, powerful, and blends in well in any environment. The pen-shaded design makes it easy to carry in any environment from the outdoors to a business presentation; you can truly use this as an EDC flashlight.

ThruNite Ti4 CW Compact LED Penlight unboxed

Obviously, this is not your standard flashlight. Instead, the pen-designed flashlight is built for portability/compactness. You can hold it like a pen, clip it on your clothing or hold it in your purse. It is built using aircraft-grade aluminum and feels good in your hand. It weighs almost nothing at 2.4 ounces so you might forget you have it on you.

ThruNite Ti4 CW Compact LED Penlight and packaging

It has four lighting modes to choose from; they are: firefly, low, high, and strobe. It’s also IPX8 waterproof so you can drop it in the pool or lake and it will be fine. Since it is so small, it can take the occasional bump/drop with any problems either.

What We Like

For those who want something portable, bright, and unobtrusive, this is the perfect tactical flashlight for them – because it doesn’t look like one. The pen design is perfect for hiding what you truly have with you. The fact that it can output 252 lumens is astounding as it is so small.


If you want to be different, be different! The Ti4 from ThruNite can definitely keep through the night (or day). With 252 lumens of output, you’ll be able to use it anywhere at any time.

#7 SureFire G2X Series Tactical Flashlight

SureFire G2X Series Tactical Flashlight


  • Lumen Output: 600 Lumens
  • Light Range: Up To 300 Feet
  • Power Source: 2 x CR123A

If you want a tactical flashlight that is sturdy, reliable, and dependable, then the SureFire G2X should be next on your list – it’s on ours! It’s great for everyday activities from camping, hiking, traveling, and more; it can even be mounted on a hunting rifle if you wanted to. It has multiple lighting options, making it perfect for any situation.

SureFire G2X Series Tactical Flashlight side

This is one of the simplest designs we’ve seen yet. It is small, compact, durable, and bright. The body is built from Nitrolon and the bezel is made from anodized aluminum; it can take a beating. The outside has a slight texture to it, although it could be a little more coarse. It has multiple lighting modes, all of which can be adjusted by clicking the power button quickly. It’s extremely light at only 6.4 ounces and it can fit almost anywhere with a full length of 5.2 inches.

SureFire G2X Series Tactical Flashlight in the outdoors

By design, it can easily handle rain, dust, dirt, drops, bumps (lions, tigers, and bears) without failing. The light is projected forward using a specialized reflector that helps to remove lighting hotspots; instead, you simply get a full-visibility lighting pattern. The dual-output option makes it great for day/night and indoors/outdoors.

SureFire G2X lens

What We Like

With the SureFire G2X, you can switch between 600 lumens of blinding light or 15 lumens of usable light. In the dark, the 15 lumens is more than enough to see what you are working on while the 600 lumens can stop a predator in their path. Plus, it can help to preserve your battery when you need it for navigational purposes.


The Surefire G2X Series Tactical Flashlight is compact and yet sturdy and is equally suitable for your home for everyday use as well as it is for hiking or camping in the great outdoors.

#8 Refun E6 High-Powered Tactical Flashlight

Refun E6 High-Powered Tactical Flashlight


  • Lumen Output: 400 Lumens
  • Light Range: Up To 20 Feet
  • Power Source: 1 x 18650 3.6v/3.7v or 3 x AAA

Sticking with a traditional design, the Refun E6 is built for comfort. It is designed to be held for long periods of time, even including a strap to make it easier to keep on you. It’s only 5.4 inches in length (fairly standard) and fits almost anywhere. It doesn’t weight much, coming in at 5.6 ounces.

Refun E6 On-Off Button

It comes with five lighting modes: high, medium, low, strobe, and SOS. Switching between modes is simple using the power button located at the base of the flashlight. It is built from durable, high-quality metals designed to withstand the normal abuse that a flashlight encounters (i.e. drops, falls, swims).

What We Like

This is an extremely energy-efficient flashlight. One bulb will last more than 100,000 hours! Literally, you will replace the batteries more times than you remember before the bulb goes out.


For those who need an up close and personal tactical flashlight, the Refun E6 is just right. It is not going to spread a lighting pattern across a football field, but it is going to keep it right in front of you. It looks stylish yet aggressive, and it easily falls in the budget-friendly category.

#9 EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight

EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight


  • Lumen Output: 1000 Lumens
  • Light Range: Up To 1050 Feet
  • Power Source: 1 x 18650, 2 x CR123

Popular amongst police and military and those who need a trusted flashlight, the EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight is going to offer everything you need from a tactical flashlight. It has several lighting modes, it comes with extra accessories, it is easy to use, and it works well.

Lens of the EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight

The EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight does not have many curves to it. Instead, it is a sleek, black, simple cylinder with a light at the end.

EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight measurements

It has two different gripping sections covered in a rubberized knurling designed to stay in your hand no matter how much you are sweating. It is 5.6 inches in length, weighing in at 8 ounces; this is one of the heavier models on our list.

EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight close ups

It also comes with plenty of accessories like an included holster and clip. The holster attaches to your belt and gives you almost-instant access in the event of an emergency. And if you accidentally drop it, you’ll be fine; it’s built to withstand normal abuse. It comes with multiple lighting modes include a nasty strobing feature. With over 1000 lumens of lighting abuse, no one will keep their eyes open, even if they have sunglasses on.

EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight accessories

What We Like

The EASTSHINE Tactical has two lighting modes/grips: a tactical mode and an outdoor mode. The mode chosen depends on which button you use. Using the bottom button, you are in tactical mode. Using the side button, you are in outdoors mode. The buttons are easily accessible, with the side button even telling you how much battery you have left.


If the police and military trust it, it must work. This is absolutely one of the brightest tactical flashlights on the market with 1000 lumens of light. The fact that it can shine up to 1050 feet away is astounding (that’s almost 1/5 of a mile). If you want to see everything, including ghosts (not really), then you cannot walk away from the EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight.


EASTSHINE Tactical Flashlight

  • 1000 Lumens Of Output
  • Lighting Range Of Over 1000 Feet
  • Dual Lighting Modes With Tactical Mode And Operational Mode

#10 Hausbell 7W Mini LED Tactical Flashlight

Hausbell 7W Mini LED Tactical Flashlight


  • Lumen Output: 300 Lumens
  • Light Range: Up To 600 Feet
  • Power Source: 1 x 14500 or 1 x AA

Hausbell has quickly become a trusted name in the lighting market, even though they’ve only been around since 2012. Their 7W mini tactical flashlights are exceptionally powerful, pumping out 300 lumens of light that can shine over 600 feet. The flashlight is extremely small, with a length of 3.7 inches. Plus, it literally only weighs 2.24 ounces.

Hausbell 7W Mini LED Tactical Flashlight and battery

It comes with a built-in clip to keep it close by at all times. If you lose it in the dark, it has a special “glow ring” that helps you locate it quickly. It has three lighting modes: low, high, or strobe. It is extremely durable, with weather-resistance, shock-resistance, and water-resistance built-in.

Hausbell 7W Mini LED Tactical Flashlight on a camping trip

What We Like

For the size, this mini-sized tactical light can put up a fight. It’s extremely strong with features found on higher-priced competitors.


Even though the brand is still “new”, they’ve built up a quality reputation for some of the brightest and most durable tactical flashlights on the market. If you want a super-compact, ultra-bright tactical flashlight that won’t break the bank, here it is.

Buyer’s Guide To Finding The Best Tactical Flashlight


With as many options as there are for tactical flashlights today, you will want to find the perfect fit for you. Whether your budget is around $20 or $100 there is a perfect one for you. Take a moment to consider what you are looking for in your flashlight and what you are willing to pay.


Everyone has specific needs, and there are plenty of options to work with. Research all of your options to find what fits you best. If you need a flashlight that can be used underwater, make sure to find one that can handle this as some flashlights are waterproof and some are only water-resistant.


The amount of brightness the light that your tactical flashlight will put out will depend upon how many lumens it has. Buying the right flashlight for you will depend on how bright you need your flashlight to be. Know and understand your limits. You may not need the brightest flashlight on the market and can settle for a less powerful one that will still meet your needs.


When considering what size flashlight you would want will depend on your need and possibly your desire. Do you plan to carry the flashlight on your person? If so, you may want a smaller sized tactical flashlight to fit comfortably in your pocket. Think about what size would fit your needs the best.

Power Source

Tactical flashlights are typically powered by lithium-ion batteries but can use alkaline batteries as a backup. If you find yourself with a drained lithium-ion, you can use an alkaline battery in its place.

Zoom or Not

Though the zoom feature is a very popular one, it is not always needed. It does come in handy at times, but may not be something you need. The zoom feature allows you to zoom in and out causing a beam from a wide-angle spread to a focused beam to really narrow in on something in the distance.

Battery Life

There are multiple types of battery sources for tactical flashlights. The most common is lithium-ion, but other batteries can be used including CR123 batteries and even standard AA and/or AAA batteries too. The primary difference is the length of life that each provides. Lithium-Ion batteries tend to last the longest and produce the brightest output.

Water-Resistant vs Waterproof

Water-resistant is where the device can be subjected to water for a moment without damage. Waterproof is where the device can be submerged underwater without damage. This is important for those who work and/or play around water.

Tactical Flashlight for Military Use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a tactical flashlight?

A: A tactical flashlight is a flashlight that is designed for skillful or tactical use. Tactical flashlights will include useful features such as being a durable yet lightweight, capable of staying charged for hours, extended beam distance, as well as zoom focus, and more. These flashlights make great survival tools and generally can withstand all types of elements, such as being submerged in water. The durability of a tactical flashlight surpasses any traditional flashlight. Tactical flashlights are high-quality which makes them a favorite with the military and outdoorsy type people, but any person can make good use of them.

Q: Why should I buy a tactical flashlight?

A: There are many reasons tactical flashlights are perfect for many people. One reason people would choose to buy a tactical flashlight over a regular flashlight is simply for emergencies. No matter the emergency a tactical flashlight will outshine any traditional one. Visibility will be much better with a tactical flashlight. Many times you will be able to see 600 feet away if not further. Many of these flashlights have different modes that can be used as a flasher in the chance you need to draw attention to yourself. Since it is lightweight it is easy and comfortable to carry and can be used as a self-defense weapon. It can help you find your way if you get lost in the woods or can scare off dogs or other animals. The long charge allows these flashlights to not only stay bright but last a long time which is always useful in any emergency.

Q: Are tactical flashlights legal?

A: These flashlights are legal. Tactical flashlights have all the makeup of a traditional flashlight. They are made more durable and with better quality. Most of the time they are light-weight and easy to carry, making them handy if ever needed for self-defense. These flashlights are not created to be a weapon, but in an emergency a person will use whatever they have nearby to use as a weapon. Just because these flashlights are used by the military and law enforcement does not make them banned from personal use. Tactical flashlights are perfectly legal, just as any traditional flashlight is.

Q: How do I use a tactical flashlight?

A: Using a tactical flashlight is similar to using a traditional flashlight. There is generally a power button to turn it on and off. The difference between using a tactical flashlight and a traditional one is the tactical flashlight may offer a few different modes, whereas, the traditional flashlight may not. There should be instructions you can review when you buy your tactical flashlight. Different models will have different ways to operate, but the instructions will explain this.

Using a tactical flashlight in emergency situations will depend on the situation. For example, if you are being attacked you could quickly shine the bright light in the attacker’s eyes to disorient the attacker while you get away. Or, if you need to flag down help, the bright light or maybe the flashing mode could help you get the attention of help that may be nearby. There many other ways to use this flashlight in emergency situations.

Q: How bright should my tactical flashlight be?

A: A flashlight’s light output is measured in lumens. Knowing this will help you understand how bright your flashlight should be. There is a little difference in what your minimum brightness should be when using your tactical flashlight during the day versus using it at night. During the day your tactical flashlight should run at a minimum of 300 lumens. When using a tactical flashlight at night you should run the flashlight at a minimum brightness of 100 lumens.

Q: Can tactical flashlights get wet?

A: Many tactical flashlights are made to be submerged in water, but this may not be the case for all tactical flashlights. Some flashlights can handle a little water while others are built to work 80 feet underwater. It is important to know what product you are buying. Check with the manufacturer to make sure the tactical flashlight you want can withstand what you need as not all flashlights are built to be waterproof.

Q: Will tactical flashlights work underwater?

A: There are numerous tactical flashlights that are built to be used underwater. You will need to check your tactical flashlight’s ratings to see what its limitations are. Some flashlights may be able to withstand 80 feet water immersion while others may not. Not all tactical flashlights will work underwater. This is what it is important to know your flashlight. Read the buyers guide for your tactical flashlight before submerging it in water. For the flashlights that are made to work underwater, make sure to know what depths of immersion the flashlight will work. Do not take it deeper than the recommended depths.

Q: Can I use a tactical flashlight as a weapon if needed?

A: A tactical flashlight can be used for self-defense but it is not a weapon. Before you decide to use this tool as a weapon make sure to know your state’s law. In many cases, in an emergency, a person will use whatever is handy to protect themselves from an attacker making just about anything a weapon. The tactical flashlight can be used in self-defense in various ways. Since it is small, you can easily carry it on your person. You could use the bright light to temporarily disorient your attacker while you escape. Since the flashlight is bright, it can help you feel safe as it illuminates questionable areas enabling you to see what is around you. By narrowing the beam you will be able to see a very good distance. It can also be used to signal for help.

Q: Are tactical flashlights allowed on planes?

A: The TSA website will allow flashlights under 7 inches; however, this is meant for traditional flashlights. If it is over 7 inches it will have to be checked. If your tactical flashlight appears weapon-like, it will not be allowed or it could possibly be confiscated. If the flashlight looks harmful, TSA reserves the right to take the item.

Q: What is the purpose of the strobe function on a tactical flashlight?

A: The strobe function of the tactical flashlight is used for defending yourself from a treat. It is common with the law enforcement to use the strobe function to disorient a person who they do not feel is a lethal suspect. The strobe light causes the person to become disoriented and possibly cause vertigo and even nausea. It makes the threat vulnerable as their brain waves are affected by the flashes of light.

Q: Can a tactical flashlight start a fire?

A: In order to start a fire with a tactical flashlight, your flashlight will need to produce 2300 lumens of light. At 2300 lumens you could possibly start a fire with your flashlight and a high-efficiency reflector. You will need the reflector in order to start a fire though. You will not be able to start a fire with the tactical flashlight itself.

Q: Can a tactical flashlight blind a person?

A: It takes less output to sufficiently blind a person in a dark environment than in a bright environment which is why the number of lumens will vary from day to night. In order to blind an attacker during the day, you will need 300 lumens, but at night your flashlight will need to produce 100 lumens. This does not mean you will permanently blind the person; it will be a temporary blindness.


So there you have it, our list of the ten best tactical flashlights for 2019!

We have covered a lot of information to help you make the best decision possible regarding tactical flashlights. Hopefully, you are able to find one that meets all of your needs while staying in your budget. We tried to break out all the features and functions so that you would know which one is perfect for you. If you did not find one that met your needs perfectly, you can still use our buyer’s guide to help you identify and narrow down your search. If you did have any questions, hopefully our frequently asked questions section helped you out. If not, let us know what we missed so that we can help you and others in the future.

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