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Boris Johnson denies joking about Donald Trump at Nato reception and not taking him seriously – live news

US president says he criticised Canada’s defence spending and suggests Trudeau was unhappy about that Trump describes Trudeau as ‘two-faced’ over Nato hot-mic video Factcheck: would Labour really save families more than £6,700 a year? John McDonnell’s speech and Q&A – Summary Boris Johnson’s press conference – Summary Sign up for Andrew Sparrow’s daily election

US president says he criticised Canada’s defence spending and suggests Trudeau was unhappy about that

5.03pm GMT

Some of Boris Johnson’s campaign visits seem designed entirely to construct visual metaphors for TV reporters. That is certainly the case with his visit to Red Bull Racing in Milton Keynes. (See 4.39pm.) Just in case any reporters missed the hint, Johnson declared:

This whole country is stuck in the pits because of this blocked parliament. What we need to do is change the wheel and get it back on track.

Boris Johnson changing a tyre… normally takes 1.8 seconds for Red Bull Team. Took PM about 16 secs.

Ended with the inevitable metaphor from him about the fact it’s taken 3.5 years to change Parliament (actually more like 2.5 since 2017 election for the pedants). #GE2019 pic.twitter.com/G5tUjSHoFV

4.55pm GMT

These are from the BBC’s Ross Hawkins, who has spent more time on the road than most journalists this election.

Warning – anecdotal account to come. Not founded in data… Contempt for politicians across country v striking covering this elex for @bbcr4today (more follow) https://t.co/g35qZGyhNs

NE Scotland housing estate this week voter who said wasn’t particularly interested in politics, reluctant to do interview, gives me detailed account of issues with Cons extra nurses claim

Social club outside Stoke last week – voters so swearily, violently vitriolic about Jeremy Corbyn was nothing I could use

At any point I’ve been doing this job ask generally about ‘politicians’ and I’d get eye-rolling, tutting. Now it’s often more specific. Feels idea they’re actively lying has landed, idea Parliament failed too

Plenty of voters who say they’ll vote this way or that despite not because of leaders

Flip side to this – ex Labour voters who think ‘Boris’ and yes – they say ‘Boris’ not ‘Johnson’ – is great; nationalisation comes up unprompted as popular, free broadband too

And we know that getting caught saying stuff that’s not true doesn’t kill political careers any more if it ever did. But that doesn’t mean it has no effect

All feels v different even from 17. Did I mention this anecdotal? Isn’t evidence. It’s chance meetings and hunch. But fwiw I’ve been to…

Cheltenham, Mansfield, Esher, Birkenhead, Forest of Dean, barking, Brecon, Broxtowe, Darlington, Ynys Mon, Crewe, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Uxbirdge, Oxford, Gordon, St Ives, Doncaster. So got about a bit.

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