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  • How To Machine a Distro Plate

    How To Machine a Distro Plate0

    Previously, we had a look at the process behind designing a water-cooling distro plate in Autodesk Fusion 360. Not only that, but we revisited the process in order to shed some light on how to integrate one of the more common water-cooling pumps into a plate directly. However, we haven’t really touched on exactly how

  • Best Gmail Alternatives | Techworld

    Best Gmail Alternatives | Techworld0

    By Thomas Macaulay & Hannah Williams | Jul 19, 2019 Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google’s mailing service, Gmail, is recognised as the most popular email service for users around the world. Figures from Statista found that it had 1.5 billion active users worldwide in October 2018. Despite this, there are a number of options available

  • This set of images fools AI 98 per cent of the time

    This set of images fools AI 98 per cent of the time0

    Some of the pictures, with the correct label on the left, and AI’s guess on the right FOR ALL THE HYPE, we know from experience that artificial intelligence (AI) has a long way to go before it’s consistently as reliable as a semi-smart human. Yes, it can play a good game of poker, but it