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Coronavirus live news: Trump backs anti-lockdown protests as global deaths pass 150,000 | World news

7.33am EDT 07:33 Amazon has begun using thermal cameras inside its warehouses to screen workers who could be infected with coronavirus, employees have told news agency Reuters. The cameras record how much heat is emitted from a person, with temperature on of the most common symptoms of the virus. Cases of the virus have been

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Spain coronavirus deaths hit 20,000


Contaminated official document blamed for Covid-19 outbreak at Afghan presidential palace


Hundreds of British nationals to be repatriated from Bangladesh




Extra supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) will be delivered directly to more than 1,000 care homes in Scotland, as concerns about supply and quality of PPE continue.

While the care sector usually sources its own PPE, the pandemic has put extreme pressure on supply chains with concerns raised earlier this week that some manufacturers did not have capacity to deliver to Scotland.

The Scottish government announced overnight that the NHS National Services Scotland would prioritise the delivery of stock directly to care homes where the virus is known to be present, although stock would still be provided to local hubs which supply PPE to other social care workers.

Yesterday, the Scottish Police Federation (SPF) claimed new PPE for officers would not provide any “meaningful protection”, after Police Scotland announced staff would be given surgical face masks to wear when adhering to social distancing measures was not possible. But the SPF said that its new expert panel, set up in response to the pandemic, had refused to endorse the type two masks.



Record daily jump of Covid-19 cases in Russia


Afghanistan’s health minister, Ferozuddin Feroz, has warned that Covid-19 cases will continue to rise as the number of confirmed infections reached 933 and lockdown measures have been extended.

Feroz has said that if some people continue not to take the virus seriously, more will get infected. Despite partial curfews and lockdowns in some provinces, streets are packed with vehicles and people walk around freely.

In the last 24 hours, 27 new Covid-19 cases were recorded, Feroz said. Of new cases, 12 were confirmed in Kabul, taking the total number of infections to 276 in the capital. The city is under full lockdown in an attempt to contain the spread of the virus, with measures extended for three more weeks.

The health minister has also confirmed three new deaths of people who had contracted coronavirus in the same period, bringing the total number of deaths to 33. There have been 112 recoveries.

The lockdown is also being implemented in provincial districts and roads connecting Kabul with other provinces remain closed. Herat, which has so far been the worst affected area in Afghanistan, has had fewer new confirmed coronavirus cases in recent days with only two new cases reported today. The total number in the province stands at 328.

The country’s finance ministry said on Friday that Afghanistan was seeking more foreign aid to help fight the pandemic. According to the ministry, the government needs around $350m (£280m).



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