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How your delivery strategy can increase your eCommerce sale

How your delivery strategy can increase your eCommerce sale

If there’s one thing that turns on or off users when it comes to online buying then it is the delivery. The key to success in eCommerce business lies in an efficient, timely delivery that can increase conversions over time and builds loyalty through a modern retail delivery system. Your delivery strategy is important. One

If there’s one thing that turns on or off users when it comes to online buying then it is the delivery. The key to success in eCommerce business lies in an efficient, timely delivery that can increase conversions over time and builds loyalty through a modern retail delivery system. Your delivery strategy is important.

One thing is to offer multiple delivery options to the buyers which involve pickup and time of delivery. This is possible by surveying whether your target customers expect convenience, cost or speed as their topmost priority. It is then you should be choosing the best available courier options offering a last-mile delivery solution to suffice buyer needs. In fact, with multiple eCommerce sellers, the big key differentiator is the delivery which makes your business stand out amongst the rest.

Why your delivery strategy can increase your eCommerce sales!

It makes sense for small eCommerce players to leverage delivery and make space a level field for each entity in the ecosystem. Best is to scout the marketplace occasionally to keep a tap on current market trends and compare it with the delivery offerings. Keeping delivery standards in check and communicating it on the website is a good way to have customer setting up clear expectations before placing their order.

Implementing delivery strategies to drive sales

Ecommerce websites need to constantly re-innovate and redefine themselves by coming up with the delivery strategies that better customer experience. Though faster delivery may precede every other thing that is not the case always. There are plenty of other things involved when it comes to generating more revenue purely based on the delivery standards.

Try blending in consideration of speed with the cost involved in delivering the order for both – buyers and merchants. Not merely relying on the premium delivery for the profits is one way to start with. Additional charges for delivery should not be a roadblock for the genuine buyers who are looking for products more than the delivery.

An ideal eCommerce delivery strategy typically involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: Getting the Order and exploring delivery options
  • Step 2: Post Sales Delivery with time to please customer for placing their next order.
  • Step 3: Battling operational challenges to drive efficiency.

* Ensure placing a header that explicitly spells out the offerings along with the link to choose the delivery options.

  • Make available the delivery options for each of the product pages. If you are looking to drive faster conversions, update real-time stock availability. A club that with anticipated delivery time so buyers know how much they have to wait to get their products delivered.
  • Spell out delivery clause, terms and conditions in the checkout and basket pages to enable buyers in making informed decisions.

Putting down motivating delivery offers can work as a lucrative medium for current buyers to come back for more. And since buyers have the options to choose from a range of eCommerce stores, putting up a promotion in delivery or otherwise is a great way to push customers to take actions. Consider offering benchmark delivery standards in your offerings and the upgrading loyal buyers to free and faster delivery is a big win-win for brand and buyers. This means, even the delivery can become your USP.

Strategizing Delivery Standards to Build Loyalty

Any successful in eCommerce store relies on buyers to make repeat purchases. Implementing delivery route planning software at the backend helps fulfilling orders promptly which wins customers’ trust. Timely delivery means the right item delivered to the right buyer on or before the time they expected it. An ideal retail delivery system at the backend compliments the front-end call to action asking for next order to wow your buyers.

If you are putting up a great retail delivery app, ensure putting in these all to actions to drive more conversions over time.

  • A catalogue copy display
  • A screen that features a banner consisting of bestselling products
  • Pushing buyers to place more orders by offering loyalty discounts and delivery upgrades.

Try a more personalized approach by putting up a subtle promotional message in a paper inside the parcel.

Conclusion: Miscellaneous Features

Make an eCommerce delivery app that includes a variety of add-ons to connect to each set of user-base in a unique manner. Consider including services like free delivery status messages and emails, online tracking tools to display your efficiency in last-mile delivery solution, exact delivery times and live delivery-personnel tracking. The key lies in giving as much control to customers over their deliveries as possible. This is not simply restricted to availing faster deliveries but also allowing them to choose to pick up time (for replacements), delivery day and time and also delivery pick up stations.

Many eCommerce on-demand delivery apps rely on subscription models to run their business efficiently. As you offer them with the range of services as mentioned above, you ensure that they are subscribed to your businesses for a longer-term. This is to make them feel privileged to be a part of the special club and keep them informed about all the latest business happenings.

Author – Bio

Noman Shaikh is a Digital Marketing Head at Fixlastmile which is known for developing top-notch last mile delivery system. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.

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