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India v New Zealand: rain delay at Cricket World Cup 2019 – live! | Sport

7.32am EDT 07:32 More grounds that rock your world that aren’t talked about so often. Garry Sharp loves Adelaiade for the nocturnal reasons – don’t we all. Great night out, especially since they liberalised their laneways. He’s also fond of Sofia Gardens. “Just the perfect sized stadium. And that Welsh warmth.” Also the scene of



PITCH INSPECTION: 11:30am (oh, but it is raining again)





Welcome to Trent Bridge!

Will there be cricket? When I arrived here last night in the motor home that took me from Taunton to Nottingham, we didn’t think so. It was torrential. It was biblical. It was not fit for the sport we love. However, despite mizzle and drizzle and all the rest over the last couple of hours, it hasn’t poured. There’s a gentle breeze running across Trent Bridge. We’re a chance. Probably not at the scheduled starting time of 10:30am, but provided this break of sorts in the weather continues, I think we’re a big hope of getting on. At a modern ground like Trent Bridge, perhaps sooner than might be the case if we were at a non-Test venue.

With expectations so cruelly built up like that, I’m sure it’ll bucket down as soon as I hit send. But if we don’t, both teams have a big opportunity to take advantage of the washouts from earlier in the week by claiming two points and remaining undefeated. Whoever does might already have a couple of toes into the final four.

In Blackcaps land, they’re fit and firing. Tim Southee – the Lennon to Trent Boult’s McCartney in the swing stakes – is fit and available. They’d be made not to pick both of them on a morning like this. Alongside Lockie Ferguson – the quickest bowler in the World Cup so far – and Matt Henry, that’s quite the quartet.

India boast similar selection riches. Well, with the ball at least. They are, however, missing Shikhar Dhawan with a thumb injury for a couple of games, which he acquired when stroking a gorgeous ton against Australia on Sunday. The margin of victory there (36 runs) should have been a lot greater. They thrashed them, really.

Whichever way it all plays out, rest assured that the OBO will be here to keep you company. If they do get on, let’s hope for a game half as captivating as yesterday. Given I’m currently writing this sitting on the ground in the Trent Bridge car park (long story; accreditation, urgh!) I’ll just be a few minutes getting my act together and popping upstairs. But don’t delay: drop me a line. Tweet me. Good morning.


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