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NSW and Queensland fires: two people dead, five unaccounted for and more than 100 homes destroyed – live | Australia news

12.17am EST 00:17 Emergency warning in WA It is not just Australia’s east coast dealing with a bushfire emergency today. A bushfire has broken out in suburban Perth, as extremely hot, dry and windy conditions lash Western Australia. An emergency warning has been issued for people the northern area of Gnangara, where a fire began

Emergency warning in WA


ABC names first victim of Glen Innes fire



ABC News has interviewed a Bora Ridge resident, Doug Wood, who has had a tragic night, losing his home.

Wood told the ABC he walked outside his house and could smell smoke, and went and alerted his wife.

They went outside and could see a plume of smoke near where his brother lived across the road.

“We zoomed down the back of his place. The fire was there, but it was coming towards us so we drove back up about 2km and by the time we got up there it was into our place,” he said.

“I live next door to my parents, we saved Mum and Dad’s place and the people across the road’s house, but we couldn’t save ours.”

Wood, a former group captain in the RFS said it was probably one of the worst he’d ever seen in his life.

“We were on our own. There were no helicopters or anything. We just did our best. We saved mum and dad’s house, so at least we have somewhere to stay.”






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