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  • Best Gmail Alternatives | Techworld

    Best Gmail Alternatives | Techworld0

    By Thomas Macaulay & Hannah Williams | Jul 19, 2019 Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Google’s mailing service, Gmail, is recognised as the most popular email service for users around the world. Figures from Statista found that it had 1.5 billion active users worldwide in October 2018. Despite this, there are a number of options available

  • Natural Alternatives to Braces & Crooked Teeth

    Natural Alternatives to Braces & Crooked Teeth0

    I have been fascinated by dental health for a very long time, so you can imagine my excitement when I had the chance to interview the legendary holistic dentist Dr. Steven Lin on the podcast. He specializes in root causes and solutions for common dental problems… even crooked teeth! Dr. Lin confirmed many of the

  • SPF Clothing & Other Sunscreen Alternatives

    SPF Clothing & Other Sunscreen Alternatives0

    I’ve been known to make my own sunscreen, but it’s not the main thing I do for natural sun protection. There are a lot of drawbacks to using sunscreen exclusively to protect the skin from sun damage, and a lot of other ways to approach it. Is Sun Exposure Always Bad? Mainstream medical advice says

  • Alternatives to Uber: The best minicab apps for Uber deleters | Startups

    Alternatives to Uber: The best minicab apps for Uber deleters | Startups0

    Uber has transformed the taxi industry since it was founded in 2009, but the company’s history has been dogged by scandals, from reports of spying programmes and IP theft to sexual harassment lawsuits and underpayment of drivers. The company’s reputation reached a nadir under former CEO Travis Kalanick in 2017, after it responded to a strike by New York

  • Brexit: MPs voting on alternatives to Theresa May’s deal

    Brexit: MPs voting on alternatives to Theresa May’s deal0

    Image caption MPs will have half an hour to fill out the ballot paper MPs are voting on eight different proposals for the future of Brexit as they try and seek a way forward. Options they are considering include leaving without a deal, a customs union and a confirmatory referendum. Speaker John Bercow will announce