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  • The benefits of getting more fruit & vegetables in your diet

    The benefits of getting more fruit & vegetables in your diet0

        CALCIUM: Supports bone health & muscle function. FIBRE: Reduce coronary disease. FOLATE: Supports healthy child birth. IRON: Healthy blood & normal functioning of cells. MAGNESIUM: Healthy bones & helps assimilate other nutrients. POTASSIUM: Maintains healthy blood pressure. SODIUM: Needed for normal cell functioning (in small amounts). VITAMIN A: Keeps eyes & skin healthy.

  • At-Home Arms & Abs

    At-Home Arms & Abs0

    Target your arms and abs using just your bodyweight as resistance.  Log this workout in the MyFitnessPal app with a single tap.  Interested in more workouts like these? MyFitnessPal teamed up with SWEAT to provide you with an exclusive FREE trial. For more information about this offer, click here. The post At-Home Arms & Abs

  • Balance & Core Runner’s Workout

    Balance & Core Runner’s Workout0

    Improve your balance, coordination, and strength with this runner’s stability workout led by pro runner Lanni Marchant. The post Balance & Core Runner’s Workout appeared first on Under Armour. [ad_2] Source link