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  • Anthem Review: Hands-on – Tech Advisor

    Anthem Review: Hands-on – Tech Advisor0

    It’s been a long wait since Anthem was first teased by EA at E3 2017, but we’ve finally had a chance to play and see if it lives up to the hype. We got the chance to play around six hours of Anthem at a preview event in London, running on a (presumably very high-spec) PC courtesy of

  • Anthem ‘VIP Demo’ hit by server outages, bugs

    Anthem ‘VIP Demo’ hit by server outages, bugs0

    The hype-building for BioWare and Electronic Arts’ upcoming Anthem has not gone according to plan, with the launch of the so-called ‘VIP Demo‘ being plagued with bugs for which the companies have apologised. Designed, effectively, to be BioWare’s answer to Bungie’s Destiny franchise as well as a replacement for BioWare’s own in-hibernation Mass Effect series,