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  • Panic attacks – The Hippocratic Post

    Panic attacks – The Hippocratic Post0

    Panic attacks can happen to anyone, without any obvious cause or warning. They can be extremely alarming both for the person experiencing the attack and anyone trying to help Exams increase stress – and children and teenagers up and down the country will be sitting in exams halls, waiting to hear the famous words “you

  • Newspaper headlines: ‘Welcome to Londongrad’ and Pompeo attacks WHO

    Newspaper headlines: ‘Welcome to Londongrad’ and Pompeo attacks WHO0

    Image caption “Welcome to Londongrad,” is the Metro’s splash headline, reporting the release of a report into Russian interference in the UK. The paper says Parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee revealed a “scandal of blind eye to interference by Russians”, as it notes MPs’ description of London as a “Laundromat” for Russian cash. Image caption

  • Coronavirus US live – Pelosi calls Trump ‘a poor leader’ and dismisses his attacks | US news0

    An agreement would end a stalemate that has lasted more than a week over President Donald Trump’s request to add $250 billion to a small-business loan program. Congress set up the program last month as part of a $2.3 trillion coronavirus economic relief plan, but it has already run out of money. Pelosi and Senate


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