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  • Protests and bank borks meddle with Black Friday retail nirvana

    Protests and bank borks meddle with Black Friday retail nirvana0

    HIDEOUS HOLIDAY Black Friday is back and worse than ever this year. But it’s all a far cry from the days of brawls over cheap TVs in the supermarket. Today it’s the technology infrastructure and fulfilment that wobbles under the strain, and although we haven’t seen the legendary “Dogs of Amazon” yet today, there are

  • Best Black Friday Power Bank Deals

    Best Black Friday Power Bank Deals0

    Quick-draining batteries just love to spoil our fun as we’re using our mobile devices for entertainment, gaming, social media and productivity tasks. Until phone, tablet and other batteries are able to endure an entire day’s heavy use power banks are necessary gadgets to have around. Small and typically pretty cheap, they also make excellent gifts and stocking

  • New Zealand launches world’s first HIV positive sperm bank | World news0

    The world’s first HIV positive sperm bank has been launched in an effort to reduce the stigma experienced by those living with the virus. Sperm Positive has begun with three male donors from across New Zealand who are living with HIV but have an undetectable viral load, meaning the amount of the virus in a

  • Best Portable Power Bank [2019]

    Best Portable Power Bank [2019]0

    The RAVPower Portable Charger 20,000 mAh Battery Pack is straightforward and no-frills, but you get a lot of charging capacity at a great price. With the 20,000 mAh battery pack, you can charge multiple devices at once, and you will always know how much charge is left in this power bank, thanks to its digital