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  • 😳 Anxiety 😳 – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    😳 Anxiety 😳 – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    🌺 As a sufferer of Anxiety my whole life, I have learned and practiced some affective strategies that have enabled me to overcome the fear-based personality that was once stopping me from living a happy and free life, and reaching my highest potentials. I want to share the mental and nutritional strategies I continue to

  • Going Vegan? 🌱 – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    Going Vegan? 🌱 – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    Going Vegan? 🌱 30Jul Helen Barnshaw Nutritional Therapist Posted in arthritis, bowel, cancer, coeliac disease, complementary treatments, diabetes, dry skin, eating disorders, fertility & infertility, general health, heart disease, hypothyroid, Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS, liver disease, men’s health, mental health, mental wellbeing, nutrition, pain, skin, Stress management, talkhealth, thyroid disorders, weight, women’s health You

  • Looking After Your Liver – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    Looking After Your Liver – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    95% of the body’s detoxification enzymes are found in the Liver. 🌿 To look after your Liver, start by reducing toxins like refined sugar, saturated fat, carbonated drinks, smoking, alcohol, pollution, cleaning products. 🌺 Try giving your body a rest from heavy meats and Monosaccharide carbs, by replacing a meal with a green smoothie using

  • SIBO Solutions – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    SIBO Solutions – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO, is a condition that can be minor or have debilitating symptoms. Most commonly, doctors will prescribe a type of antibiotic to eliminate overgrown bacteria. What happens when the patients SIBO arise again after a round of antibiotics? SIBO isn’t a β€œquick fix” condition Western conventional medicine, in a nutshell,

  • Cold Water Shock – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    Cold Water Shock – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    Emma Hammett A qualified nurse, author and first aid trainer with over 30 years’ healthcare and teaching experience On a hot day, plunging into a cool pool or the sea may well be a very appealing prospect. However, every year people die from a physiological reaction known as cold water shock. The Royal National Lifeboat

  • What’s causing your cough? – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    What’s causing your cough? – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    Coughing is a natural reflux that helps keep your airways clear. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the common causes of a lingering cough. While having a cough is quite normal and usually nothing to worry about, you should see a GP if you’ve had a cough for longer than