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  • Homemade Healthy Ginger Beer – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    Homemade Healthy Ginger Beer – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    ???????? To make your Ginger Beer: – 140g fresh ginger – 4 tablespoons Honey – 3 Lemons or Limes – 1 litre Soda Water – A few sprigs fresh Mint Thanks to @jamieoliver for the recipe, which I slightly tweaked to suit my taste ? ? Ginger is one of the most versatile ingredients to

  • Advocacy at the doctors – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    Advocacy at the doctors – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    “Do something your future self will be thankful for,” -unknown   Imagine, two individuals, experiencing similar chronic health issues go to the doctor’s office. The first one roughly explains their symptoms, doesn’t feel prepared, is in a deep desire for relief, and feels completely overlooked by the doctor. The second person arrives at the doctor’s feeling

  • The Importance of Magnesium – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    The Importance of Magnesium – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    According to the Mental Health Foundation, these days more than 32% of people in the UK keep thinking about work all the time, ¼ actually places their own personal health at risk just to meet deadlines and 1/5 believes that pushing through very stressful moments is just the regular thing to do in any organization.

  • Recovery – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    Recovery – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    “Some days there won’t be a song in your heart, sing anyway.” – Emory Austin Recovery takes everything you don’t feel like you have. It takes the energy you scrape from the bottom of the barrel to someday feel normal again. Both physical and mental recovery is equally challenging. Someone healing from depression is on

  • ? Anxiety ? – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    ? Anxiety ? – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    ? As a sufferer of Anxiety my whole life, I have learned and practiced some affective strategies that have enabled me to overcome the fear-based personality that was once stopping me from living a happy and free life, and reaching my highest potentials. I want to share the mental and nutritional strategies I continue to

  • Going Vegan? ? – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog

    Going Vegan? ? – talkhealth Blogtalkhealth Blog0

    Going Vegan? ? 30Jul Helen Barnshaw Nutritional Therapist Posted in arthritis, bowel, cancer, coeliac disease, complementary treatments, diabetes, dry skin, eating disorders, fertility & infertility, general health, heart disease, hypothyroid, Irritable Bowel Syndrome – IBS, liver disease, men’s health, mental health, mental wellbeing, nutrition, pain, skin, Stress management, talkhealth, thyroid disorders, weight, women’s health You