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  • Best Laptop 2020: Which Model Should I Buy?

    Best Laptop 2020: Which Model Should I Buy?0

    Tablets never took over as some predicted and we’re glad the humble laptop is here to stay. Still, it isn’t easy to choose one, with so many manufacturers, designs and specs to consider. Luckily, we’re on hand to test them out so you can find the best one for your needs. We’ve reviewed and ranked

  • Should I buy a stand mixer or a hand mixer?

    Should I buy a stand mixer or a hand mixer?0

    If you’ve discovered you enjoy baking, a mixer is a must-have purchase. But which should you get? Hand mixer What to look out for A hand mixer can be yours for a tenner, while stand mixers start at about £100. So, that’s one point in favour of a hand mixer. But it’s not as simple

  • Where to buy beard straighteners

    Where to buy beard straighteners0

    If you’re one of the many men who’s used lockdown as an opportunity to see what you could really do with your beard, you may not have realised that such a specialised grooming tool even existed. But, of course it does. And you know that, if James Bond had a beard, he’d definitely be using


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