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  • Cardiff City v Crystal Palace: Premier League – live! | Football0

    12.27pm EDT 12:27 The teams are out! Cardiff are in their famous blue shirts, while Palace sport second-choice white with Team of the Seventies sash. Anticipation and nerves crackle around the stadium. We’ll be off in a couple of minutes. “As a Brighton fan I’m already nervous and completely rooting for Palace,” admits Simon Dobinson.

  • Fulham v Cardiff, Crystal Palace v Everton and more – live! | Football0

    10.14am EDT 10:14 “Good to see VAR contributing to a goal,” says Ian Copestake. “It’s got a good touch for a big arbitration system.” 10.12am EDT 10:12 GOAL! Southampton 1-0 Bournemouth (Long 12) Shane Long has scored his fourth goal in five games! 10.10am EDT 10:10 GOAL! Sunderland 1-0 Portsmouth (Flanagan 9) Tom Flanagan’s emphatic

  • Stormforce Crystal GTX1660Ti Review | bit-tech.net

    Stormforce Crystal GTX1660Ti Review | bit-tech.net0

    Manufacturer: Stormforce UK price (as reviewed): £1,000.00 (inc. VAT) US price (as reviewed): N/A With Nvidia having finally replaced the ageing GTX 1060 6GB (still a decent card, mind you) with the GTX 1660 Ti and GTX 1660, system integrators are refreshing machines in the £1,000 and under price range. The Crystal GTX1660Ti (so fast