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  • Electric cars might not yet be green, but we should buy them anyway

    Electric cars might not yet be green, but we should buy them anyway0

    Transforming the way we travel is an essential part of tackling the climate crisis. The transport sector contributes about 20% of global carbon emissions. In the UK the figure is 33%, and the country has made virtually no progress in reducing emissions from transport. In many countries, they’re actually increasing. Electric vehicles are often hailed

  • Best Electric Cooler [2019] | Coolest Gadgets

    Best Electric Cooler [2019] | Coolest Gadgets0

    The Knox Electric Cooler and Warmer is the perfect choice for anyone needing to keep food and drinks cold or warm at get-togethers, for long trips, or for large family outings. You get plenty of room, the ability to use both AC and DC power sources, and wheels that make transporting this cooler much more

  • Best Electric Skateboard [2019] | Coolest Gadgets

    Best Electric Skateboard [2019] | Coolest Gadgets0

    If you’re looking for a board that won’t break your bank but will still deliver in terms of power and performance, then the HUGER TECH Electric Longboard is the perfect selection. While it is produced by a new startup company, the detail and quality that HUGER TECH has dedicated themselves to creating in their boards

  • Dyson has scrapped its electric car project

    Dyson has scrapped its electric car project0

    Image copyright Getty Images Dyson, the UK-based company best known for its vacuum cleaners, has scrapped a project to build electric cars. The firm, headed by inventor Sir James Dyson, said its engineers had developed a “fantastic electric car” but that it would not hit the roads because it was not “commercially viable”. In an

  • Best Electric Bikes – Tech Advisor

    Best Electric Bikes – Tech Advisor0

    Electric bikes have existed for years, but until recently were a fairly rare sight in the UK. Those who bought one were either cycling enthusiasts or people who specifically needed a helping hand because they couldn’t cycle without assistance, or wanted to cycle longer distances. Now, you can buy electric bikes from plenty of bike

  • Best Electric Weed Eater [2019]

    Best Electric Weed Eater [2019]0

    WORX WG170 GT Revolution 20V 12” 3-in-1 tool design that switches from trimmer to edger to mini-mower Patented Command Feed, single-line spool system 7 locking handle positions and 6 rotating head positions for versatility Since 1994, the Positec Tool Corporation has sold its line of WORX outdoor equipment and power tools, and the WORX WG170