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  • Impact of the backpack on the spine

    Impact of the backpack on the spine0

    Finite element study shows one book in the backpack weighs 7 books to the spine:  As we consider a return to school, we must start to think of the impact of the backpack. A finite element assessment study showed that a one-pound book in a backpack weighs seven books to the spine. When the student leans

  • Babies & COVID-19 -The impact and issues

    Babies & COVID-19 -The impact and issues0

    RSM webinar: Babies & COVID-19 – The impact and issues. Tue 14 Jul 2020 from 6:00pm to 7:30pm. Online. Register here: https://sso.rsm.ac.uk/identity/login?signin=7a01eb25aeae9f68581d1c45efc89fda Consultant Neonatologist, Dr Tim Watts, Consultant Obstetrician and Vice President Royal College Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Dr Pat O’Brien, and Mrs Becky Parker, Consultant Midwife Trainee, will provide an overview on the impact and issues of COVID-19 on new

  • Covid-19 impact on blood cancer patients receiving stem cell transplants

    Covid-19 impact on blood cancer patients receiving stem cell transplants0

    A new study will look at how patients, who receive stem cell transplants for blood cancers and blood disorders, react to COVID-19 infection during their recovery. Announced by IMPACT, a partnership of organisations committed to improving the survival rates of stem cell transplant patients by increasing the number of clinical trials across the UK, the


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