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  • Grilled Indian Tandoori Chicken Recipe

    Grilled Indian Tandoori Chicken Recipe0

    My family loves Indian food (coconut curry chicken… mmm)! So I’m always looking for new, healthy recipes. Luckily, Indian food is generally healthy. I can also easily tweak it to include the ingredients I prefer to use. This Indian tandoori chicken recipe is a great example. It is a grain-free recipe that uses spices for

  • Indian Himalayas: seven bodies found in search for missing climbers | World news0

    The bodies of seven of a group of eight missing climbers have been recovered in the Indian Himalayas, officials have said. The group of climbers, believed to be comprised of four Britons, two Americans, one Australian and an Indian liaison officer, vanished in the Nanda Devi region on 26 May following an avalanche. Rescue teams

  • Indian officials travel deep into jungle so lone holy man can vote | World news0

    Indian officials travelled nearly 70km (45 miles) through jungle this week to ensure a 69-year-old holy man got to cast his vote in the Indian general election. Four election officials, accompanied by a policeman, set up a special polling station deep in the Gir wildlife sanctuary in Gujarat state so a sole voter – Bharatdas


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