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  • Dogs: How to introduce face masks

    Dogs: How to introduce face masks0

    Facial coverings during lockdown could make our dogs feel confused and concerned as they can’t read human facial expressions or cues. Dogs are really good at reading our facial expressions to tell how we’re feeling. It could be confusing for them to see people’s faces covered. Face masks are a more usual part of our

  • Coronavirus live news: Trump says Fauci ‘alarmist’; Hong Kong makes masks mandatory indoors | World news0

    In an extraordinary interview with Fox News on Sunday, US President Donald Trump called White House expert Dr Anthony Fauci “an alarmist” and when asked about the country’s daily coronavirus death toll of around 1,000, said: “It is what it is.” The interview – during which Trump also had an argument about whether identifying an

  • Newspaper headlines: UK goes ‘our own Huawei’ and masks in the office

    Newspaper headlines: UK goes ‘our own Huawei’ and masks in the office0

    Image caption “We’ll go our own Huawei”, is the Metro’s headline, channelling Fleetwood Mac as it reports on the prime minister’s U-turn on allowing the Chinese company to be part of the UK’s 5G network. Tory backbenchers have criticised the initial decision to allow the technology firm’s involvement in 5G infrastructure. Image caption The Huawei


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