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  • How Protein Helps Metabolism & Health With Billy Bosch of Iconic Protein

    How Protein Helps Metabolism & Health With Billy Bosch of Iconic Protein0

    Child: Welcome to my Mommy’s podcast. This episode is brought to you by Wellnesse. That’s Wellnesse with an E on the end, which is my new personal care company that is dedicated to making safe and effective products from my family to your family. We started with toothpaste and hair care because these are the

  • How to Eat Healthy Protein

    How to Eat Healthy Protein0

    Reading Time: 10 minutes Second to fat, protein is one of the most misunderstood and sometimes vilified sources of nourishment. Protein can be obtained from a large variety of foods, but many disagree as to the healthiest sources of protein and how much we really need. Some prefer to get their daily allowance from meat,

  • 3-Ingredient Protein Pancake

    3-Ingredient Protein Pancake0

    There’s no excuse not to meet your daily protein goal with this super simple (and delicious) pancake recipe. The post 3-Ingredient Protein Pancake appeared first on Under Armour. Source link

  • Protein restores brain cells damaged by Parkinson’s

    Protein restores brain cells damaged by Parkinson’s0

    It may be possible to restore the cells damaged in Parkinson’s, according to a new study published in Brain and the Journal of Parkinson’s Disease. The study aimed to investigate whether boosting the levels of a naturally-occurring protein, Glial Cell Line Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF), can regenerate dying brain cells in people with Parkinson’s and reverse their condition, which

  • Blueberry and banana protein pancakes

    Blueberry and banana protein pancakes0

    Serves 2 | Gluten-free These pancakes are not only a brunch and breakfast favourite, but make a delicious dessert too, keeping you full for hours afterwards thanks to the protein-packed ingredients. They are super-speedy and can be made in just 15 minutes! This recipe makes 4 pancakes, 2 per person, and they are delicious drizzled