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  • Rosacea & exercise, constipation, sleep patterns & more

    Rosacea & exercise, constipation, sleep patterns & more0

    Missed out on all the latest health news this week? We have all the latest health stories for you to catch up now. Can a workout improve your skin condition? Have you been struggling to make it to the gym? This new research could give you the motivation you’ve been looking for. Exercise keeps our

  • Rosacea Awareness Month at talkhealth

    Rosacea Awareness Month at talkhealth0

    Did you know it’s Rosacea Awareness Month?  This month is an excellent opportunity to improve the education of rosacea, a chronic disorder of the facial skin, which affects 415 million worldwide. Rosacea is a chronic skin condition, often characterised by flare-ups and remissions, which currently, does not have a cure. Some of these symptoms include