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  • SMOS Android smartphone gaming controller

    SMOS Android smartphone gaming controller0

    Do you do a whole lot of work on your Android-powered smartphone, or is it more of your primary mobile gaming device? If you happen to get most of your gaming kicks via your Android handset, then perhaps it is time you check out the SMOS. The SMOS is deemed to be the most advanced

  • Katim R01 ultra-secure smartphone » Coolest Gadgets

    Katim R01 ultra-secure smartphone » Coolest Gadgets0

    by Edwin – on March 6th, 2019 Ever wondered just who is listening in to your conversations or simply checking out the kind of messages that you have been sending back and forth on your smartphone? A secure device might seem to be something that is within the realm of science fiction, but DarkMatter Group

  • Moto Razr foldable will have lacklustre specs for a £1,200 smartphone

    Moto Razr foldable will have lacklustre specs for a £1,200 smartphone0

    Boring smartphone, boring logo MORE DETAILS have emerged about Motorola’s bendy Razr reboot, and, er, prepare to be underwhelmed. The leak comes of XDA-Developers, which also got its mitts on Motorola’s reworked Razr logo (above), and reveals that while the Moto Razr reboot will feature a dual-display foldable design, the handset’s specifications won’t be quite as exciting.  Under the