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  • Spicy Fire Cider Recipe for Cold and Flu

    Spicy Fire Cider Recipe for Cold and Flu0

    I first discovered a recipe for “fire cider™” years ago. It didn’t sound like something I wanted to try immediately, but when I read about the immune-boosting benefits I decided to be brave and give it a try. Years later, it’s a staple at our house around cold and flu time. Fire cider is a

  • Homemade Curry Powder Recipe (Not Too Spicy)

    Homemade Curry Powder Recipe (Not Too Spicy)0

    I never thought I liked curry powder. I’m not sure where my negative opinion came from, but I once added it to a soup by accident and discovered that I absolutely love it. The unique and complex mix of flavors makes an incredible addition to many meals. I now add curry powder to breakfast dishes like

  • Spicy Beef Curry (Authentic Bangladeshi Recipe)

    Spicy Beef Curry (Authentic Bangladeshi Recipe)0

    I’ve been experimenting a lot lately with dishes from southeast Asia. Japanese miso soup is now regularly on the menu and we’ve added Indian coconut chicken curry too. Like the others, this Bangladeshi spicy beef curry has delicious flavor from a whole combination of spices for something completely out of the ordinary. If you’ve never had curry, you’re

  • Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry Recipe

    Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry Recipe0

    It’s no secret that I love to make stir frys for dinner. A meal that is fast and easy, healthy, and only uses one pan checks all my boxes. Like most of my other stir fry recipes, such as my go-to beef and cabbage stir fry, this spicy shrimp stir fry recipe was born on a