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  • YouTube has started blocking MP3 rippers

    YouTube has started blocking MP3 rippers1

    YouTube is happy for you to listen free of charge, but only if you stay on site THE MUSIC INDUSTRY’S attitude to the internet has moved quite a long way in the last decade. Where once downloading the Best of Steps could result in a slap on the wrist from your ISP and, potentially, a

  • On Getting Started

    On Getting Started0

    Sometimes the hardest part of getting fit is just getting started. Our trainers provide the tips you need to not only begin your workout program, but also stick with it for the long term! The post On Getting Started appeared first on Under Armour. Source link

  • Why I Started a Weekly Digital Day Off

    Why I Started a Weekly Digital Day Off0

    I remember seeing a series of photos of people in what should have been some of the most important moments of their lives (like wedding days, holding new babies, etc.). Instead, they were all on their phones. Not enjoying the moment, not talking to each other, but looking at phones. From a less dramatic perspective, I’ve