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  • Best Gaming Headset 2019: PC, Xbox One, PS4 & Switch

    Best Gaming Headset 2019: PC, Xbox One, PS4 & Switch0

    You may think of gaming headsets as the sort of purchase limited to the most hardcore of hardcore gamers, but there are actually plenty of people who could benefit from a decent set. Whether you want to play online and trash talk your competition, want surround sound audio to pinpoint enemy locations, or just want to save

  • Project Scarlett: Microsoft announces details of new Xbox games console | Games0

    At a press conference at E3 2019 in LA on Sunday, Microsoft announced the first details of a next-generation Xbox, the follow-up to its Xbox One console. Still known by its codename Project Scarlett, the new machine will be released in late 2020, with Halo Infinite as its leading launch title. Promising to “set a

  • Microsoft Studios rebrands as Xbox Game Studios

    Microsoft Studios rebrands as Xbox Game Studios0

    Microsoft has officially called time on Microsoft Studios, its in-house family of game studios, but only to give it a rebrand to better show off its most well-known creation: Xbox Game Studios. Originally founded as Microsoft Games in 2000, following the expansion of the company’s games division ahead of the launch of the original Xbox

  • Microsoft teases cross-platform Xbox Live

    Microsoft teases cross-platform Xbox Live0

    Microsoft has telegraphed plans to bring support for its Xbox Live service to non-Xbox devices, including smartphones, tablets, and the Nintendo Switch, as part of an effort to promote cross-platform gaming. Launched in 2002 for the original Xbox console, Microsoft’s Xbox Live is a combination of digital distribution and multiplayer gaming platform – the latter,

  • How to Fix the Xbox One ‘Black Screen of Death’

    How to Fix the Xbox One ‘Black Screen of Death’0

    On 30 January 2019 Xbox One owners are reporting seeing a black screen after their console boots up, and issues saving games. It follows an Xbox Live issue, and Microsoft says it is currently attempting to fix “Xbox One console startup, title update, and sign-in errors.” If this is what you’re seeing right now, there’s