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The best PC deals of April 2019: Discounted Desktops & Components

The best PC deals of April 2019: Discounted Desktops & Components

If you’re looking for a new PC, upgrades to your existing rig, or just a few new accessories to complete your desk, there are plenty of great deals to be had, particularly right now as we head into the new year. Given they have a pretty high price in the first place, PCs tend to

If you’re looking for a new PC, upgrades to your existing rig, or just a few new accessories to complete your desk, there are plenty of great deals to be had, particularly right now as we head into the new year.

Given they have a pretty high price in the first place, PCs tend to be a great bet for special offers, and with components constantly getting updated, there’s always a steady stream of last-year’s-models to pick up at discounted rates.

That’s just as true for components like graphics cards and CPUs, and while you should expect smaller discounts on accessories like mice and keyboards, there are still savings to be had.

Best PC deals right now

We’ve gathered up the best PC deals that are live right now – and you can head to our deals site to find more of our curated picks.


From: Overclockers

Was: £125.99

Now: £79.99  -36%

The Apex M750 is an outstanding mechanical keyboard from one of the best peripheral brands around. Steelseries consistently make quality products and this keyboard is a fantastic example of that.

With Steelseries own QS2 Mechanical Switches, a compact design and real-time discord in-game lighting notifications from the array of RGB lights backlighting the keys, this keyboard is beautifully stylish as well as functional. 

2. Samsung LU32J590UQUXEN 32-Inch 4k Ultra HD

From: Amazon

Was: £409.99

Now: £289.00  -30%

This 32 inch 4k Ultra HD monitor from Samsung is an absolute steal at its current price.

This monitor will provide outstanding picture quality at an extremely attractive price, and being built by Samsung, you know it’s a well engineered and put together product.

3. AMD Zenith Gaming PC

From: Overclockers

Was: £1,699.99

Now: £1,399.99  (17% off)

This Zenith Gaming PC powered by AMD is outstanding value at its current price.

Featuring a Ryzen 7 2700x processor, 16GB of 3200Mhz RAM and an RX Vega 56 Graphics Card this machine will handle modern gaming comfortably while also being an extremely capable multi-media machine for any video editors out there.

The deal on Overclockers allows you to customise your exact order while still keeping this fantastic price for Black Friday.

4. AMD Citizen Gaming PC

From: Overclockers

Was: £949.99

Now: £799.99  (15% off)

The Citizen Gaming PC is powered by AMD hardware and is a great lower priced option PC for gaming.

Sporting a Ryzen 2600 CPU, 16GB of 3000Mhz memory and an RX 590 Graphics Card this build will punch well above its weight and is a fantastic deal.

Plus, you’ll get three games – Resident Evil 2, The Division 2 and Devil May Cry 5.

5. ASUS ASUS FX705GM-EV101T 17.3 Inch 144hz

From: Amazon

Was: £1,499.99

Now: £1,171.20  -22%

The ASUS FX705GM is currently on offer at an outstanding price, providing a whole bunch of gaming power in a compact format.

The 8th generation Core-i7 processor and Nvidia GTX1060 graphics card allow this machine to play modern releases at a respectable graphics setting, coupled with a 256GB SSD for extra fast loading times.

The 144hz display is the real icing on the cake here, reducing screen-tearing and allowing for a much smoother gaming experience.

6. Dell Desktop Deals

Now: Up to £403 off

7. Apple 21.5in iMac, 2.3GHz dual-core, 1TB HD (2017) [KRCS]

From: KRCS

Was: £1049.00

Now: £986.06  (£62.94 off)

With this discount you can get an iMac for less than £1000. Although this is the non-Retina display iMac, with a dual-processor, and it hasn’t been updated since 2017, so it’s not the most powerful of iMacs.


From: SCAN.co.uk

Was: £263

Now: £185  -30%

The Nvidia EVGA GTX 1060 is a mid-range card of Nvidia’s last generation but still provides impressive graphics performance at a great price.

If you’re not willing to fork out for an RTX card (and who could blame you) this card is an excellent budget alternative, with the GTX 10 series cards ageing very well this GPU should last you for a few years at least.

PC deals 2019: What to look for

The most important thing to remember is that you don’t need the absolute latest processor and graphics card – even for a serious gaming rig – as manufacturers will do everything they can to convince you to upgrade every year. Instead, look out for PCs and components from a few months or even a year ago – they should still cope handily with even fairly demanding tasks.

More than with most things, it’s worth making sure you know how much a given component or PC setup is worth – retailers love to advertise reductions that aren’t quite as good as they appear, by quoting the initial RRP rather than a product’s most recent price. Plan what components you want – and how much they cost normally – and you can make sure you don’t get fooled by dodgy “discounts”.

The biggest discounts are on pre-built desktops and all-in-one computers (think iMacs, where the computer and the screen are built into the same unit). If you’re happy to build your own, or upgrade your existing setup, keep an eye on component sites though.

Since accessories like mice, keyboards and speakers tend to have lower RRPs, you can’t expect discounts to be as steep, but you could still find a few good savings, especially on older stock – you don’t mind having last year’s mouse, right?

Where to find PC bargains

Where you want to go depends a lot on what you’re looking for. If you want to buy a pre-built computer or just some simple accessories, then some of the standard electronics retailers are the best bet:

If you’re looking to pick up components though, you’d be better off looking at the following (some of which sell pre-built PCs too, for what it’s worth):

Amazon has some of the biggest bargains, but so have other retailers, including Currys and Argos.

If you find that you’re missing out on Amazon’s Lightning deals, which run for just a few hours and offer limited stock, we’d recommend signing up for Amazon’s 30 day free trial of Prime, which will get you access to deals 30 minutes before everyone else. Plus, you’ll get free next-day delivery with the Prime trial, as well as access to Prime Instant Video and more.

Sign up for Prime.

PC deals for students

Another great resource to help you snag deals is Tech Advisor’s Student Beans page. The Tech and Mobile section can help you save up to 25% from big brands such as Apple (10% off for students), Asus, HP, Lenovo, Logitech and many more. See all tech student deals here.


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