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Coronavirus news: Japan closes schools as Saudi Arabia halts pilgrimages – live updates

UK reports two new cases as outbreak spreads and losses on stock markets mount Trump puts VP Pence in charge of US response More new cases outside China than inside, says WHO Coronavirus map: how Covid-19 is spreading across the world Inquiry opens into hospitals at centre of Italy outbreak Share your experiences 1.47pm GMT

UK reports two new cases as outbreak spreads and losses on stock markets mount

1.47pm GMT

The consumer healthcare giant, Reckitt Benckiser (RB), said the coronavirus outbreak has helped to drive greater demand for its Dettol and Lysol hygiene products.

1.36pm GMT

A man from Derbyshire who travelled to the H10 hotel in Tenerife for four nights has confirmed that British guests are desperate to return to the UK to avoid contracting the disease.

“None of the Brits staying here feel safe”, he told PA.

“We have been told to stay in our rooms but the hotel has no way of enforcing it. We have a WhatsApp group for all of the Brits and we don’t feel safe. We think this is going to end up worse than that ship [the Diamond Princess].

“I don’t think confusion would be the right word to describe it – they are just not able to enforce quarantine conditions. People are able to walk around the buildings and some are even going in the pool. People are walking about and interacting with each other and not wearing masks. They served a buffet-style dinner last night, and people were milling about without masks, touching utensils – the virus is bound to spread.

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