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Newspaper headlines: Cabinet ‘splits’ and ‘don’t panic’ pleas

Newspaper headlines: Cabinet ‘splits’ and ‘don’t panic’ pleas

Image caption Several front pages focus on Brexit as MPs prepare for a series of new votes next week. The Sunday Express says the prime minister is vowing to “finish the job” and see Brexit through as colleagues tell her to ignore the “Remain rebels”. “May urged: Don’t panic”, is its headline. Image caption The

Sunday Express - 23/02/19

Image caption

Several front pages focus on Brexit as MPs prepare for a series of new votes next week. The Sunday Express says the prime minister is vowing to “finish the job” and see Brexit through as colleagues tell her to ignore the “Remain rebels”. “May urged: Don’t panic”, is its headline.

Sunday Times front page - 23/02/19

Image caption

The Sunday Times says the indication by three ministers that they could vote to delay Brexit to avoid a no-deal situation has resulted in a “vicious cabinet war”. The paper says Theresa May was facing an uphill battle to unite her warring party – with the trio being accused of undermining the PM.

Sunday Telegraph front page - 23/02/19

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The Sunday Telegraph leads on a warning from Northern Ireland minister John Penrose that delaying Brexit could kill off Britain’s departure from the EU altogether. He says calls to seek a temporary extension were an “elephant trap” which could “torpedo Brexit completely”.

Observer front page - 23/02/19

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Influential Labour figures are warning Jeremy Corbyn to “change course before it’s too late”, according to the Observer. It says the party leader is being told MPs, peers and councillors could quit unless he changes his approach to the anti-Semitism row, Brexit and infighting.

Mail on Sunday front page - 23/02/19

Image caption

The Mail on Sunday says ministers have been accused of a cover-up over the resignation of former GCHQ boss Robert Hannigan in 2017. It reports the spy chief quit after it emerged that before he took up the post he gave a character reference to a priest facing child abuse image charges, who went on to reoffend.

Sunday Mirror front page 24/02/19

Image caption

The Sunday Mirror carries a warning from teachers that a new video-sharing app has become a “hunting ground” for paedophiles. The paper says schools across the country have written to parents about the dangers of the TikTok app, which is popular with teenagers.

Sunday People front page 24/02/19

Image caption

An investigation into housing for armed forces families is the lead in the Sunday People. The paper says 36,000 families have complained about “squalid” conditions.

Daily Star Sunday - 23/02/19

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Dame Barbara Windsor is on the front page of the Daily Star Sunday after vowing to help find a cure for Alzheimer’s. It was revealed last year that the actress was diagnosed with the disease.

Cabinet rifts over Brexit continue to get widespread coverage.

The Sunday Telegraph says it understands that the Chancellor Philip Hammond and David Lidington, the prime minister’s de facto deputy, are lobbying Theresa May to publicly pledge that she will not take the UK out of the European Union without a deal at the end of next month.

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Image caption

Is the PM facing lobbying from David Lidington (left) and Philip Hammond?

Sources have told the paper they are acting in a “pincer movement” with their cabinet colleagues Amber Rudd, David Gauke and Greg Clark – who on Saturday claimed Brexiteers would be at fault for any delay because of their opposition to the current deal.

But the Northern Ireland minister John Penrose tells the paper an attempt to remove the option of a no-deal departure “could torpedo Brexit completely”.

The former Brexit minister David Jones agrees, telling the Sunday Express it would be “the greatest folly possible”. Senior Brexiteers are urging Mrs May to not panic, the Express adds on its front page.

The Sun on Sunday calls the actions of Mr Clark, Ms Rudd and Mr Gauke “shamefully self-serving”. It says the prime minister is facing a crucial Brexit vote this week with a gun to her head “held by her closest colleagues”.

Meanwhile, the Sunday Times says five cabinet ministers have rounded on Ms Rudd and are calling for the work and pensions secretary to be sacked for publicly threatening to defy the PM.

In the Sunday Mirror, former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown writes that delaying the UK’s departure “is now the only sensible game in town”.

Exodus warning

According to the Sunday People, the Independent Group of MPs could soon replace the SNP as the UK’s third largest party, saying nine more Labour MPs are expected to defect.

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Getty Images

Image caption

The 11 ex Labour and Tory MPs in the Independent Group at a photocall last week

The Observer says some of Labour’s most influential figures are urgently warning Jeremy Corbyn to change his approach to anti-Semitism, Brexit and factional infighting to prevent a major exodus of MPs, peers and councillors.

The founder of Momentum, Jon Lansman, has given an interview to the Independent in which he says his organisation’s Corbyn-supporting activists will try to unseat the former Labour MPs, in the hope of accelerating the group’s downfall.

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The Sun on Sunday says a taxpayer-funded pot of cash has been set aside to help councils pay for the upkeep of hundreds of British nationals returning from fighting with the Islamic State group.

According to leaked government documents the money will also be spent on programmes to de-radicalise returning children, the paper reports. Its Sun Says column calls the decision “astonishing”.

The Conservative chairman of the foreign affairs committee, Tom Tugendhat, writes in the Sunday Telegraph that there should be a new treason law which returning Jihadists would face.

Cassette revival?

Teachers are warning that predators could be using a new phone app to target children, according to the lead story in the Sunday Mirror.

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Schools around the UK have written to parents to warn them about the TikTok app – which allows direct messaging, live streaming and public comments on posts.

A TikTok spokesman tells the paper they have a number of protective measures in place.

Pause. Stop. Rewind. The music cassette, the Observer, reports, is staging a comeback.

Sales were up 125% in 2018 on the year before.

At 50,000 sold in the UK it is considerably down on the 83 million bought in 1989, but is a 15-year high.

The techno DJ, Phin, tells the paper she likes the tangibility of a collectible format and also that unlike digital music, tapes have a lifespan – they decay and die.

Scotties ‘at risk’

But there is less good news about Queen Victoria’s favourite type of dog – the Scottie.

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Getty Images

The Mail on Sunday reports the breed used to advertise everything from whiskey to shortbread is in danger of being wiped out.

It has been placed on the “at risk” register by the Kennel Club.

The decline in numbers has been put down to the rise in popularity of designer dog breeds, such as the cockapoo and labradoodle.

The Kennel Club suggests the Scottie needs a modern day celebrity champion.


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