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  • The best books to read in lockdown

    The best books to read in lockdown0

    The Bells of Old Tokyo by Anna Sherman (2019) Until the late 19th century, temple bells used to mark the passing of the old, unfixed Japanese hours, which stretched and contracted with sunrise, nightfall, and the changing of the seasons. This mesmerising cultural history explores the neighbourhoods where those bells once rang, and captures the

  • Best Technology Books to Read Now

    Best Technology Books to Read Now0

    By Techworld Staff | Jan 31, 2020 Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn The tech industry is always evolving, from the emerging technologies being developed to transform the future of work to robotics streaming into every sector, it’s always good to get firsthand experience on the world of tech. Here, we list some of the most recent

  • 3 Essential Books to Improve Leadership Skills

    3 Essential Books to Improve Leadership Skills0

    If you want to lead more effectively, consider burying your nose in one of these books. September 19, 2019 2 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. In this video, Entrepreneur Network partner Kate Volman discusses some of her favorite books that inspire her to lead and laser-focus a path to success. If you