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  • Best PS4 Controller 2020: 10 Great Custom & Pro Controllers

    Best PS4 Controller 2020: 10 Great Custom & Pro Controllers0

    Sony has been refining its official PlayStation controllers for years, and the PS4’s iteration – the DualShock 4 – is undoubtedly the best it’s ever been, with an ergonomic design and extra functionality like motion controls and a touchpad. Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement, and there’s now a whole ecosystem of

  • Corsair unveils Hydro X custom water-cooling components

    Corsair unveils Hydro X custom water-cooling components0

    Corsair has dedicated pretty much its entire (large) suite at Computex 2019 to its Hydro X custom water-cooling parts. Corsair has long been a considerable player in the AIO scene with its Hydro series coolers making waves (sorry…) since 2009. Now it’s looking to step into the custom loop scene with Hydro X. We’re going

  • Adobe mulls custom Arm hardware

    Adobe mulls custom Arm hardware0

    Adobe is reportedly investigating the possibility of designing its own processors or partnering with a processor company on a semi-custom solution, though its focus is likely to be accelerating artificial intelligence workloads. Founded in 1982, in the traditional Californian garage, Adobe won early investment from Apple’s Steve Jobs and spent the next few years selling