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  • How medieval Europe recovered from earthquakes

    How medieval Europe recovered from earthquakes0

    Earthquakes were a cause of devastation in medieval Europe. The 1117 earthquake in northern Italy hit what was possibly the most densely populated area in Europe at the time. An earthquake in 1456 in southern Italy caused total or almost complete destruction over an area of about 6000km² and claimed around 30,000 lives. In some

  • Eurovision: Come Together and Europe Shine A Light – follow live | Television & radio0

    Now it’s time to meet Viki Gabor, who won Junior Eurovision in 2019. She is in Poland with a shonky delay on the sound, as is traditional. Her tips for kids watching right now is to ‘make your dreams come true’, which is super unhelpful. Viki is wearing a padlock as a necklace, which is

  • Europe reveals plans to salvage summer holidays as UK goes back to work

    Europe reveals plans to salvage summer holidays as UK goes back to work0

    The European Union has unveiled a plan to help citizens across the 27 nations salvage their summer vacations after months of tough coronavirus confinement – and to hopefully resurrect Europe’s battered tourism industry. In a series of guidelines the European Commission laid out its advice for lifting ID checks on hastily closed borders, helping to get airlines, ferries and


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