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  • Sex rebranded: how underwear jumped on the #MeToo bandwagon | Fashion0

    What a time for female empowerment. The day after International Women’s Day, shortly before Harvey Weinstein was handed his 23-year jail sentence, and days before Kate Beckinsale outlined a run-in with the rapist movie mogul in which he called her a “cunt” for wearing a suit to a premiere, the British lingerie company Agent Provocateur

  • Kelsey Juliana: ‘What if fashion came to represent a new way of living?’ | Fashion0

    Kelsey Juliana, a youth climate activist from Oregon, is joining forces with Gabriela Hearst, a fashion designer whose clothes are worn by Lady Gaga and the Duchess of Sussex, to ignite a trend they hope will become a global sensation. Juliana, 23, is the lead plaintiff in a group lawsuit suing the US government for

  • UK Fashion Tech Startups | Techworld

    UK Fashion Tech Startups | Techworld0

    Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn As shoppers increasingly move online, the fashion industry is racing to adopt new technologies to set their digital experiences apart. This has led to a sharp growth in the number of fashion tech startups emerging. From online marketplaces to fashionable hardware, the future of the UK’s fashion industry is being shaped by these innovative players.

  • We love… Fashion fixes for the week ahead – in pictures | Fashion0

    Game, set and matchy-matchy The first collaboration between Lacoste and Tyler, The Creator’s clothing brand, Golf Le Fleur, has hit the shelves. It injects some of the US artist’s iconic style and flair for fashion into classic French tennis culture. The colour palette of on-point 1980s pastels taps into those used in TTC’s videos. The

  • Could wearables ever be high fashion? | Apps & wearables

    Could wearables ever be high fashion? | Apps & wearables0

    At one point, the fashion world had high hopes for wearable tech. In 2015, Louis Vuitton partnered with Google and Qualcomm, while a keynote at CES from Intel chief executive focused on new technology for wearables, and the Apple Watch launched just in time for fashion week after the former Yves Saint Laurent chief executive

  • Climate Change Protesters Descend On London Fashion Week

    Climate Change Protesters Descend On London Fashion Week0

    Nuala Gathercole Lam, from Extinction Rebellion, said: “We ask the fashion industry, who do you want to listen to, the youth and the future, or the words of our current Prime Minister, whose Government is criminally neglecting the UK’s agreed responsibilities under the Paris agreement in the face of the ecological emergency? “Now it is