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  • Woman reveals fertility issues and cancerous cell discovery resulted in a full hysterectomy aged 30

    Woman reveals fertility issues and cancerous cell discovery resulted in a full hysterectomy aged 300

    A mother-of-one who had a hysterectomy aged 30 revealed how she still hopes to have another biological child using ovarian tissue that was frozen before her operation.  Rachel Mason, 31, from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, who lives with husband David, 37, and their son George, two, was launched into surgical menopause last year after undergoing a full

  • Fertility in the 21st Century

    Fertility in the 21st Century0

    Exhibitions are a great place for businesses to showcase their products to a highly relevant audience. They offer a unique opportunity to target niche audience demographics and appeal to Business-to-Business (B2B) marketers looking to generate leads and grow their business. These events have been hugely successful. Event organisers have been trialling a new exhibition format.

  • End of Anonymity for Fertility Donors

    End of Anonymity for Fertility Donors0

     Campaign group PET’s free-to-attend #EndOfAnonymity debate will hear from an international panel of experts on how the availability and popularity of direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic testing is removing any certainty that sperm, egg or embryo donors can remain anonymous. What does this mean for donors, donor-conceived children and family members, and what responsibilities, if any, do

  • OUH welcomes research on preserving boys’ fertility

    OUH welcomes research on preserving boys’ fertility0

    Dr Sheila  Lane, Paediatric Oncology Consultant at the Oxford Children’s Hospital welcomed today’s news, originally published in the journal Science, about the successful use of frozen testicular tissue to produce a live baby monkey called Grady. Dr Lane said: “This is fantastic news. We have been preserving testicular tissue for pre-pubertal boys since 2015 as

  • Confusing and Contradictory Fertility Advice

    Confusing and Contradictory Fertility Advice0

    New data released today by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) highlights widespread concern and worry UK women are feeling in the face of conflicting fertility information.Four out of five (86%) UK women say information from different sources seems contradictory, while more than three quarters (76%) are not sure if fertility information is