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  • Coronavirus live news: Madrid to introduce targeted lockdowns; Trump says ‘herd mentality’ will beat Covid | World news0

    As India’s coronavirus caseload surpasses 5 million, some hospitals in the country are dealing with unreliable supplies of oxygen needed to treat tens of thousands of critical patients. In the worst-affected states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh, demand has more than tripled, prompting urgent calls for help. “Desperate patients have been calling me through

  • Dogs: How to introduce face masks

    Dogs: How to introduce face masks0

    Facial coverings during lockdown could make our dogs feel confused and concerned as they can’t read human facial expressions or cues. Dogs are really good at reading our facial expressions to tell how we’re feeling. It could be confusing for them to see people’s faces covered. Face masks are a more usual part of our

  • China to introduce an online gaming curfew for under 18s

    China to introduce an online gaming curfew for under 18s0

    IF YOU’VE EVER found yourself moaning about nanny state interventions to a surely fascinated listener, then be glad you don’t live in China. Over there, the government has just announced plans to control when and for how long under 18s play online games. The plan which is apparently intended to avoid “harming the physical and


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