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  • Common Interview Questions For VCs

    Common Interview Questions For VCs0

    Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Breaking into the tight-knit world of venture capital (VC) can be challenging, particularly as there is no set formula or guidelines for candidates to follow. Most industries require a particular set of professional qualifications, certain university degrees or work experience, but within the VC space there is no official set of

  • Common Interview Questions For Developers

    Common Interview Questions For Developers0

    By Aoife Geary & Hannah Williams | Apr 28, 2020 Share Twitter Facebook LinkedIn The interviewing process often varies for developer roles. Although you are unlikely to find a set template to follow there are some common questions to prepare for, depending on your level of experience in the field. A lot of variables can

  • The Power of Asking Dumb Questions

    The Power of Asking Dumb Questions0

    Great solutions and insights often start with someone having the guts to ask a ‘dumb’ question. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The people who work within my organization, Scribe Media, are called Tribe Members. And one day, a new Tribe Member stood in front of our co-founder and dropped two black trash