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  • Heat exhaustion treatment and recovery

    Heat exhaustion treatment and recovery0

    Everything you need to know about Heat Exhaustion – Temperatures are rising this week in the UK. Hot summer days can be lovely, providing you have the opportunity to enjoy them and are able to cool down and remain well hydrated. Heat exhaustion can come on suddenly following exposure to the sun and can have serious consequences especially for children

  • Covid-19 treatment: Gilead Sciences urged to study drug that showed promise with cats | Coronavirus outbreak0

    Activists are calling on the pharmaceutical firm Gilead Sciences to study a drug for the treatment of Covid-19 that showed promise in curing cats of a coronavirus. The drug, called GS-441524, is chemically related to remdesivir, an antiviral also made by Gilead, and one of the only treatments to successfully shorten the duration of Covid-19

  • HIV treatment targets in sight

    HIV treatment targets in sight0

    Ambitious annual target on HIV treatment could be achieved for equivalent of just one month of global spend on HIV drugs The Make Medicines Affordable campaign is calling for a widespread switch from patented to generic HIV drugs so that at least 95% of those living with HIV globally would be able to receive treatment.


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